A chat with Little Bantam – Health and Fitness

A chat with Little Bantam – Health and Fitness


Elise Carver of Little Bantam Health and Fitness has long kept us inspired with her positive focus on body image and health. She encourages a holistic approach when it comes to fitness and as a bride-to-be herself, really understands the emotions that come with wanting to look the best for your big day.  What we love about Elise is that she is keen to break the mould and have women feeling good with the development of her surf style training, down to earth social media presence and making fitness fun.

We sat down with Elise and learned more about her fun fitness approach, wedding plans and top health and fitness tips for the busy bride-to-be and there’s a special discount for those looking to get fit and fabulous pre-wedding.

Tell us about Little Bantam, what inspired you to set up a business focusing on health and fitness?

Being active has been a big part of my life since a young age. Naturally, I became a trainer but hated it after working in a main stream gym. I then moved away from training full time only working with friends and family and a few other clients part time. About three years later, I had a job at a clothing company that had their own gym and trainers for the staff to use, it killed me to go into the gym at lunchtime and see the terrible technique that their trainers where using on clients! I couldn’t take it anymore, with all the skills and further study (in the fitness field) I had accumulated I had to offer a better way of training! So those looking for sustainable fitness had somewhere to go!

Your philosophy is centered around feeling good and being strong – tell us about this approach.

On social media a lot of the focus is about LOOKING good, often despite the long term effects on your body. I wanted to break the mould, do something different and long lasting. Now that I’ve turned 30 I really appreciate the fact that I took a balanced approach to my training, working on having a strong and flexible body for the rest of my life. To me it’s not about the ‘thigh gap’ or the six-pack, that’s just an added bonus when you work hard to feel good and set yourself up for the future. After all, getting older is happening to all of us why not prep for it?



Tell us about Surf Style training.

Surf Style Training works around the five major attributes of a surfer – core strength, flexibility, agility, balance and endurance.  With these heightened skills, surfing and many other daily activities can become effortless on your journey to a healthier you.

Using deep and superficial core strength training, yoga techniques, balance training, agility training, strength training, plyometrics, postural correction exercises, consistent stretching and recovery focus, as well as healthy practical eating information. Surf Style Training program works with your body to build the best version of you, whether you’re a surfer or not.  
Surf Style Training is taking a technique often reserved for pro athletes and making it accessible for everyone!

When a girl becomes engaged they often feel pressure to look their best on their wedding day – do you have any advice as to how a bride-to-be should approach this?

I like to think that if you are happy with yourself and love yourself, then you are going to be completely open to being loved which is the way to go into this new chapter of your life. If you are happy with your body the way it is then you will most likely being happy and smiling on the day and lets be honest, that’s what people really notice on your big day…is that you’re HAPPY!

On the other hand, if you’re not happy with yourself and don’t love and accept who you are and what you look like, then do something about it. Above all else, do it for you! Not because you feel pressure to look good for anyone else.

You have recently become engaged, tell us a little about your proposal.

It was pretty funny…I was pretty funny! My partner just thought I was crazy! I had been hanging for him to ask for a while, so every time he did something sweet or took me some where I’d hold my breathe, hoping this was the time. After a year of doing that I sort of gave up. My thought process was more like “Oh I wonder if…nah, who am I kidding, It’s not, get over it Elise!”. But because I was on the alert for so long, he couldn’t do anything “special” as such because I’d know.

It was a mid-week day in December, and he asked if I wanted to get fish and chips at Fisho’s. I thought it was kind of strange seeing as it was a Tuesday and we don’t do takeaway during the week. But I shrugged it off and we took the dogs and headed for Torquay. On the way he mentioned walking the dogs at Fisho’s beach so they weren’t bored while we eat, fair enough. When we started walking I had my “oh maybe, nah no way” moment and turned to throw the ball in the water, as I turned around he was on one knee ring in hand! I was so shocked that I pretty much stopped breathing and started to cry! That’s all I could do was cry! He started to tear up as well and asked me “Are you ok? Is that a yes?!”. I hugged him and finally took a breath. “Yes and YES!” was all I could say, quickly followed by a victory lap on the beach! Think Sandra Bullock and Betty White in The Proposal!

Then I proceeded to tell EVERYONE I could about it, the waitress at Fisho’s , the old couple sitting next to us at Fisho’s, all my friends…he’d let the monster loose! A not so special afternoon became very special to me.

How are your wedding plans coming along?

Honestly I completely forgot about them after I’d booked the venue, celebrant, food, Twilight Glamping tents and music! Now, five months out it’s all started up again! I’m trying to get everything else sorted before December’s  Christmas madness so we can enjoy Summer and only have a few things to take care of come the day!



What style/vibe are you looking to create for your big day?

We are doing it on a budget! Under $10k. So we are going with the relaxed weekend away with friends in the forest vibe. Think glamping tents, bonfire, twinkle lights, lawn games, picnic rugs, good music, barefeet, banging van food and mountains of sweet treats! All healthy versions of course 😉

Your business is flourishing, you must be extremely busy! How are you juggling wedding planning with work commitments?

Juggling yes, managing not so much! I have about 10 hens who are helping me out! Some with shopping, others for DIY projects, a few ready to go for set up and then my partner’s mum and sister are going to help smash out the cake and desserts. I’ve got a great support network! Plus, my fiancee, Matt, is going to help build stuff come closer to the day. I think because we’ve kept it simple and cost effective, it’s been much easier to organise.

What are your top three health/fitness tips for busy women wanting to look after themselves?

SLEEEEEEEP! Get a good 7-9 hours sleep a night. If you’re tired you will have zero motivation to do what you need to do to get fit and healthy!

DRINK WATER! Staying hydrated not only keeps your skin looking supple but reduces fatigue by up to 20%. 1 Litre per 30kg of body weight, get drinkin!

CREATE HEALTHY HABITS! Stay away from quick fixes and crash dieting. Build healthy habits within your lifestyle. Start with 2/3 daily or weekly tasks working toward a healthier you. Every few weeks add a few more tasks, once you’ve mastered the ones you have. This way, regardless of what is going on in your life being fit and healthy becomes the norm!




What are three items you cannot leave home without?

Sunnies, water bottle and my dog, Dakoda.

What’s on your favourite workout soundtrack?

My workout playlist on Spotify UN: little bantam List: TRAINING.

Whats the best thing about living on the coast?

Being five minutes from the beach!

Tea or coffee?

Always tea, caffeine free.

Favourite on-the-run healthy snack?

An Emma + Toms bar or banana.


Elise has kindly put together a discount for Ivory Tribe, offering a $20 off  for anyone that wants to sign up for an annual surf style training membership ($99) to tone up for their wedding! Head to Surf Style Training and the discount code is SSTIVORYTRIBE. Enjoy Bride Tribe!