Getting to know Anthony Cribbes
Getting to know Anthony Cribbes - Ivory Tribe
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Getting to know Anthony Cribbes


When we think of celebrant Anthony Cribbes, we can’t help but smile. He’s one of the most passionate and funny characters you can meet, while at the same time he has a gift for creating engaging wedding ceremonies that will leave you smiling from ear to ear. We sat down with Anthony to learn more about the man behind the beard.


You’re a passionate celebrant Anthony Cribbes, what drives you to create ceremonies that are a unique experience for a bride and groom and their guests?

This is a great question and one that often talk to people about. What I know about my own wedding is this – both my wife and I totally felt as though our Celebrant truly made out wedding the most special day of our lives. Knowing how this feels for us, makes me want to do this for all my couples too. I think that if we can make a wedding something truly special and memorable, well that’s a great sign of the future come I think! Also, no one deserves a boring wedding that’s for sure.

There’s a common misconception that celebrants are just there on the day for ’30 minutes’, while we know there’s a lot more than goes into it, can you explain exactly what that is?

Oh man, I think it’s most Celebrants dream that it only be 30 minutes work! It most definitely does vary from wedding to wedding and Celebrant to Celebrant. At the end of the day, I am kind of guy who really wants to invest in getting to know my couples and creating something that matches their personalities. I think setting the right tone and vibe in the ceremony is as important, if not more important, than just the words that we say on the day. So that does take quite a bit of investment of time. But more than just that, I often trawl great pieces of writing, movies and songs for inspiration…if you have a favourite band, then I will go and listen to them for days if I think that will write you an awesome ceremony. The on the day bit is really the tip of the iceberg that’s for sure.

Do you find it disheartening when couples are willing to spend more money on their table linen or cake than their celebrant?

Not really, because every person and couple is different and they will value other parts of their wedding more than the ceremony, and that’s ok. I think where it does stem from a bit though is that people are only now probably just getting to understand that there are actually Celebrants out there who are bit edgy and have a bit more of an entertainer vibe to them. So some people who spend more on things like table linen do so because they don’t actually realise that you can actually make the Ceremony the real centrepiece of your day.

Part of your appeal is your ability to engage people. We know your brides and grooms and their guests would always enjoy a laugh with you, while at the same time trust that they can talk openly with you and have you deliver a rocking ceremony on the day. Did this skill come naturally to you, or is it something you’ve worked on over the years?

Probably a little bit of both, most people who know me will tell you that getting me to shut up is pretty challenging, so talking in front of people is kind of natural to me. Where I have picked up new skills and had to learn more is about getting better at listening to people, asking the right kind of questions to really get those golden nuggets of intel from a couple that will really make their ceremony unique and special… and the Dad jokes, well I guess I just inherited that part of it all!!

It always seems that guests and sometimes the bride and groom are really stiff at the ceremony. Can you give us some advice around how to make a ceremony feel more relaxed?

Laughter is always the best tension breaker for sure. Whilst nearly all of my Ceremonies tend to be filled with some good humour, this only happens because everyone has really funny parts to their relationship. I think the other bits of advice that work well in this are – Choose vendors who really compliment your personalities. I also like to let the couple stand next to each other in the ceremony and hold each other by the hand, this just helps give them comfort too.



Rehearsal or no rehearsal? What’s your advice?

Always the couples call. If I have one motto (well I have heaps really) it is: Do your wedding, your way! If you are the kind of person who is comfortable with going with the flow, then do that. If you are the kind of person who feels as though a rehearsal will help ensure you’re comfortable and that your day will go well, then have one. It is always a personal choice…way to sit on the fence on that one hey!!

Give us your top three tips for creating a memorable ceremony?

1 – Tell your Celebrant all your details, and then let them filter out the appropriate and non-appropriate to create something pretty special.

2 – As a Celebrant, you need to be engaging to the guests. Looking at people in the crowd, talking with expression and vigour.

3 – Make the focus on the couple, not the legal procession or any other part. This is about putting all the attention and focus about the couple on the day.


Describe Anthony Cribbes, the celebrant, in five words.

Talkative to the point of annoying  (haha, that’s 6 I know)! Maybe – Wants to be your friend

Whats the best part about your job?

Without doubt, the people that you meet. Both the couples and other wedding vendors…they quickly become your social circle and almost an extended family.

Finally, we imagine you probably meet quite a few clients over a beverage, what’s your poison?

Anything wet…I am not fussy!!


To get booking Anthony so your ceremony is a memorable one, head here.


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