Getting to know Aviana Arden Photography

Getting to know Aviana Arden Photography


If you’re on the hunt for a photographer that exudes warmth and passion, it’s hard to go past Aviana Arden Photography.

Aviana Arden is all about narrating happiness. Her talent lies in capturing the magical moments between her couples and bringing the romance, emotion, laughter and excitement to life.

We sat down with Kerri, the face behind Aviana Arden Photography so we could get to know her better, understand her passion and acquire some top photography tips while we were at it.

Kerri, you’re the face behind Aviana Arden Photography. How did your passion for photography come about and how did you choose your business name?

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed having a creative outlet. Whether it be through drawing, painting or design, there has always been something innately cathartic in creating. After dabbling in a short but sweet career in front of the camera, I traded up short skirts for long hours and a very satisfying career in Exercise Physiology. And as fate would have it, it was my own marriage, just over 5 years ago that brought me full circle, back behind the camera and deep into the dynamic field of photography. This is my passion, it’s what keeps me up at night and gets me out of bed in the morning – I love my job!

I named my business after my twins Aviana (little girl) and Arden (little gremlin). They give me so much love and joy. In my eyes, they are the embodiment of Aviana Arden Photography, the love, the happiness and the special moments unique to each and every wedding.



Your tag line for your photography is ‘narrating happiness’ (which we love) can you tell us what that means to you?

Narrating Happiness comes from the belief that a wedding day is one of the most spectacular, beautiful, hectic and emotional days in a couple’s life. When the big day comes, it can be a bit of a blur and with family and guests pulling you in every direction all day, the big picture majesty of the event can be missed by the only 2 people who really matter. Photography has the ability to tell a story. I am a story teller and I aim to capture each image thoughtfully to tell the couple’s story seamlessly as a reflection of their style and personalities. To achieve this, you need to get a bit up close and personal so I am a big fan of getting to know all of my couples that I then photograph.

Tell us, what are your favourite moments on a wedding day to capture?

Where do I start?  Weddings are full of the most heartfelt moments, they are everywhere, and I love capturing them! Top three would be: the proud cuddles from mum and grandma, the adoring looks from the groom to the bride (the first stolen looks as a married couple) and the laughter. Everyone has that uncle or that groomsmen who can evoke laughter from nowhere. Big natural smiles and full body laughs make for nice reminders that everyone truly celebrated your union.

Describe your photography in 5 words.

Timeless, stylish, emotive, natural, meaningful.



What are some of your favourite locations to shoot at?

Being located close to the Yarra Valley, I have developed a soft spot for the countryside and all the beauty and light filled settings it comprises. But, it’s Melbourne and we are spoilt for choice with venues. The countryside is not for everyone and I see beauty in all locations whether it be the intricacies of inner city Victorian architecture, the precipice of parkland meets city or the staple laneway shoot with its gritty, industrial vernacular.

Do you have a tip or two for couples looking for the perfect photographer to complement their day?

First and foremost, find someone with a style of photography that you love and feel matches both of your styles. Second, make sure you have the right expectations when it comes to hiring your wedding photographer. You can do this by asking them questions. It’s paramount to have someone you feel comfortable with shooting your wedding – these are intimate moments. Be sure the photographer you speak with will be the photographer present on the day of your wedding – harness technology, at the very least you can talk face to face on Skype. Be clear with your wish list, specify the mix of posed versus candid with a generous serving of moments: ask to see a full gallery of a wedding that the photographer has shot, so that you have a good understanding of what to expect.

What is it that you just love about weddings and capturing the moments?

I am passionate about moments. Nothing is more beautiful and meaningful than looking back over those natural, candid laughs, tears and hugs. I want you to be able to look back over each image and re-live the emotion you felt from the romantic whispers during your location shoot, to the crazy and spontaneous moments.



How do you feel about unplugged weddings? Are you for or against them?

I am neither for nor against them. Foremost, I make sure that no important moment is missed providing it doesn’t interfere with proceedings. I feel it is up to the couple to decide.

When you have a chance to unwind, what do you like to do outside of weddings?

On a day off you’ll catch me at the local café relaxing with my husband and kids creating our very own special moments, or out catching the sunshine.


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