Light it up!

Light it up!

While it’s one of the most important factors when it comes to setting the mood and creating atmosphere, event lighting can often be overlooked – or left to the very last minute.

Sometimes it’s easy to keep busy focusing on tables, walls and everything in between, that we forget to stop and look up.




Creative minds have come to the party in recent times, with modern, innovative and truly impressive lighting techniques that will have a big influence on the atmosphere of your wedding.  We spoke to our Tribe experts, Jess and Eve of Love Light Letters, to get the low down on illuminating your love and transforming your day with some modern and exciting bright-spark ideas.

Jess and Eve, why is lighting so important to an event?

Lighting transforms any event from ordinary to extraordinary in an instant. It creates a mood and really transforms a space. Whether you have a lot of lighting in the form of festoon lights and a big back drop, or little touches like candles as a centrepiece – it really adds that extra special sparkle to any event.



What are some ways a bride and groom can add lighting to their wedding day?

It’s definitely personal preference when it comes to deciding what lighting to use on your big day – but it’s absolutely important. Brides and grooms should factor in existing lighting a venue might have and whether to enhance it, or they can bring some lit up love to a completely blank space. There are so many little and big ways to make a venue really pop.  The best part is that there are endless options and we love to sit down with our clients and get creative – thinking of new ways to show off beautiful lighting and create a mood.




Tell us a bit about each of the lighting options you have on offer in your Love Light Letters range.

Light Up Letters – our most popular items in our range. They are fun, and light up even the most dull space, making it look really beautiful.  They can be dimmed to create a more relaxed mood, or lit right up to create real impact.




Festoon lighting – we have metres and metres of these babies and we love them! The round clear bulbs throw off such a beautiful warm light that often ties in really nicely with existing lighting at a venue. Festoons create an amazing backdrop and look incredible in photos, even if they’re only in the background.




Fairy lights – these are an LED option of lighting that only requires one source of power for lots of little lights. The great thing is that fairy lights can be pretty much added anywhere to any surface and really brighten up an area.  We sometimes wrap and drape these lights around our giant LOVE letters to create a gorgeous and romantic backdrop for evening weddings.

Love sign – our love sign is a beauty at 1.8m long – it will have your guests talking. With large, warm light globes and a lovely scroll text, this sign is an absolute favourite. This sign has the option to be hung up, stood on a table or even the floor – the perfect addition to any wedding!




Love heart – our special heart is small, but incredible. It’s really versatile in the way it can be used. We have had clients use it as a ceremony backdrop, sat on a bridal table, part of a vertical garden and so much more. Our love heart sign is very hard to resist.

Lightbox – who can say no to personally written message all lit up!  Our lightbox can be used to share a message, your wedding hashtag, directions or to just shout out your love. We love our lightbox and have managed to use it for so many different reasons.




What is currently the most popular lighting trend?

That’s a tough one! While we love all of our lighting and they’re all extremely popular we feel that the winner would have to be our light up letters.  They’re just so versatile, can spell any word and can be placed anywhere for wonderful impact.



What’s next for Love Light Letters?

As always, we are keeping our eyes and ears peeled for any new styles that emerge with lighting and should they suit our clients, will add them to our range. We have had so much interest for being a relatively new business and we love our clients. So keep an eye out, we have some really exciting things on the horizon.


To transform your day with incredible lighting option be sure to get in touch with Love Light Letters!


Images by Hails & Shine, Candid Captures, Lukshal Perera, The Bower Co, Simon L King and  Tess Follett