Real Wedding – Brittney & Lachlan, Melbourne VIC

Real Wedding – Brittney & Lachlan, Melbourne VIC


Lachlan and Brittney fell in love with Melbourne’s The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo, and made the unique  space form the basis of their stunning CBD wedding.

Harnessing the earthy tones of the chapel, the styling was paired back but the celebration, an absolute beauty. Being pronounced as husband and wife was such a highlight for this beaming pair before they partied the night away with their family and friends.

It was a gorgeous day to remember, and talented photographer Steph Wallis, was there to document it all.


In Brittney’s words…


The meeting.

We met in August of 2010 when I moved to Melbourne from Adelaide. I just got a job at the ice rink in Docklands where Lachlan was already working. Lachlan saw me on my first day picking up rubbish in the grandstands and asked the manager who I was. Over time we became friends and spoke regularly. Lachy didn’t exactly hide his feelings, he was frequently telling me and everyone else we worked with that he had a bit of a crush! I had a boyfriend at the time but that didn’t stop him! And by June the following year he asked me to be his girlfriend in the underground carpark in Docklands!


The ‘one’.

I knew Lachy was a pretty decent person right from the start. He was always so considerate and thoughtful and constantly went out of his way to make time for me. There was a time when he broke his ankle and was on crutches, and he crutched from West Melbourne to the ice rink in Docklands so he could sit with me on my 20 minute break! So I knew he was a keeper. But as we spent more time together I guess we just knew, it’s like a warmth and a happiness. I thought I loved Lachlan very early into the relationship but it was after he told me loved me first I knew for sure that it was real and he was my forever. And I still feel the same today, we hardly ever disagree and are always mucking around with each other. We both just feel so alive when we are around each other and being married now makes it feel that much better.


The proposal.

On our first date Lachlan took me to Williamstown where we had fish and chips by the water. So in keeping tradition, Lachlan took me back to that same spot and asked me. I initially thought he was joking, but then saw the ring and I was in shock.


The planning.

We got engaged in 2012 and I was still young and not ready to be married, but Lachlan knew that and was ok with a long engagement, so he basically sealed the deal as soon as we knew we wanted to be together forever. So since 2012 to 2017 we had quite a while to figure out exactly what we wanted. During those five years though, we jumped from one idea to the next and had new opinions on things. But by October/November of 2016 we had so many beautiful ideas and since we had so long to think about it and all the research had been done, it was just a matter of making a phone call or sending a couple emails to lock it all in officially. We managed to book all the important things within a couple weeks – so the church for the ceremony, the reception, the photographer and the stylist. And in the weeks to follow I had booked the appointment and flights to go try on wedding dresses in Gold Coast and we met with the stylist to finalise the flowers and the styling for the church and reception. Once everything was booked it was a matter of confirming everything in the weeks leading up to the big day. Looking back on it now, planning the wedding was so simple and at no point did either of us feel stressed. So I find it hard to understand how some people describe it as being so full on and having so many things to do, maybe we had luck on our side or the fact we had so long to think about it made it easier to organise it all!


Style inspiration.

The church was the basis of the entire wedding! While we were engaged I had seen so many amazing weddings all with different themes, but once I saw the church and way it was styled on the inside, I knew that was the style I wanted to carry throughout the entire day. The church is a reclaimed industrial space on a laneway in the city which used to be a horseshoe factory and has now been re-furbished to look like a rustic, Vegas-style chapel. The inside and outside have that unfinished look yet that’s what makes it so unique and charming. The inside of the church is all neutral/earthy tones and I wanted to stick to that in all the styling, including the bridesmaid dresses – cream, charcoal grey and a light grey. I didn’t want the charm of church to be overwhelmed by too many colors or decorations, which is why we kept everything simple.


The dress.

The dress I ended up getting was so far from what I had envisioned. I came across the Grace Loves Lace Instagram page and fell in love with their simplicity and elegant dresses. I never really had an exact design I was after so I was relying on trying some on and waiting to have that moment when you just know. When looking at their page I saw a dress that was all lace, with a low cut back and lace sleeves and I absolutely died when I saw it. After seeing that dress I knew I had to go try it on. Two of my best friends – who were also bridesmaids, and I went to their showroom in Gold Coast and I was so excited to try on this dress which I had been obsessing over for months. However, once I tried it on I didn’t have that moment. It looked absolutely stunning yet it just didn’t suit me. I tried on five dresses and it was the last one that I ended up choosing. Long train, high neck, keyhole back and no sleeves. It took me by surprise at how nice it looked and I felt bad for the other dress! Even though I knew in myself that it was the one, seeing my mum get all teary and my friends smiling, that really confirmed it for me.

Looking back I still know it was the perfect dress. To those reading this, if you have a dress you’ve set your heart on, try keep an open mind and be prepared that it might not be the one. In saying that, even though you may feel disappointed, you will find the right dress and its kind of more exciting because it will be one you don’t expect.



Favourite moment/s.

Not to sound too cliché, the moment the celebrant pronounced us husband and wife and we kissed, that moment would have to be the most special. Also, just being around all our close family and friends and having them be with us to celebrate was also special. People are right when they say your wedding day is the biggest and best day if your life.



Because Lachlan is in a band, he plays a lot of weddings so he has a good insight on the things that do and don’t work well. We didn’t want to have a traditional ceremony with a priest, no photo booths, didn’t want a sit down dinner and definitely didn’t want to have any traditional songs at the reception – like old school 80’s party songs or the bus stop! We did keep some aspects traditional, like the father daughter dance and our first dance, those two things were important to me. From the beginning neither of us wanted a textbook wedding, we wanted it to be more like a party with everyone we love and for it to be a reflection of the type of people we are- laid back and untraditional (to a degree!).


Meaning of marriage.

We both agree that marriage is making that commitment to your best friend and that person who makes you a better version of yourself. Marriage is making that promise to always support each other in achieving their goals, listening and learning from each other and ensuring neither settle for anything less than what you deserve.


Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: Follow The Sun by Xavier Rudd

Exit song: Hey You by HayBax

First dance:  I knew this would be love by Imaginary Friend

Father/daughter dance:  Girl by City & Colour


Funny stories (or near disasters).

We didn’t have any disasters throughout the entire planning process, and as it got closer I thought that it was strange that nothing had gone wrong yet. And yet a week before the wedding the biggest disaster that could happen, happened. Like I mentioned, the church was the icon on which the whole wedding was based around, and in both Lachlan’s eyes and mine, was the most perfect place to be married. The week before the wedding I got a phone call from the girl we were working alongside with at the church. She told me she had been contacted that day from the Melbourne City Council where they told her they were planning to rip up the laneway and replace the uneven surface with new bricks, meaning they had to close off the laneway from the public starting the weekend of the wedding and for weeks to follow. The entrance to the church is at the back of the laneway so this meant that we couldn’t use the laneway at all – not after the ceremony where we had planned for the guests to mingle, have our family photos in front of that iconic blue door, guests would have to enter the church from the side door and walk alongside the kitchen and there would be no aisle for me to walk down and I to would have to enter through the side door. On the phone the girl told me there was nothing they could do and they were booked for the months to come, so she said she would email me brochures of alternate wedding venues and they’d do everything they could to assist.

At this point I was convinced the whole wedding was ruined, being married in that church was all I wanted.  I was determined to try fix this situation, so I thought of ways around it, like getting someone to carry me through the dirt where the laneway is so I could at least enter through the door! But even if this worked, there would be noise coming from the workers and we wouldn’t be able to hear the music or the celebrant, so I thought maybe they could find it in their hearts to take a short break while we had the ceremony…. My mind was going crazy with all the possibilities and ways it could all fall apart. If it did all fall apart, I had to find a new venue, tell all the guests and maybe changing our accommodation to suit the new venue. Because the wedding was in the city, a lot of the guests coming from interstate we staying in the city close by so I felt awful for them.

I called Lachlan straight away in tears and he was just as disappointed as I was. He knew how defeated I was and was in no frame of mind to find a solution, so he said he’d try fix it. The next two days were so hard, I was getting married in less than a week and if any re-planning had to be done it had to be done now, but Lachlan came through with the goods! He managed to get in contact with the contractor in charge of the project and he said he had actually been contacted by other couples who were going to be affected by it, and apparently none of them were happy about it! So the project was postponed temporarily and the wedding was back on, and it was amazing. Lachlan had saved the day, myself and my sanity!


Planning surprises.

I always though it would be time consuming planning a wedding, but Lachlan and I found it to be far from stressful and that took us by surprise. We enjoyed the whole process and at no point felt overwhelmed with all the tasks that needed to be completed.


Words of wisdom.

Planning a wedding should be exciting, not a time where you’re stressing over every detail and pulling your hair out! So go into it feeling excited and calm and the whole process will be the same. Something is bound to go wrong, just like it did with me, but the universe works in mysterious ways and it always sorts itself out. Even though it may seem like a disaster at the time, when you look back at it the day after the wedding or in a few years its going to seem like a such a small insignificant thing, so don’t dwell on it at the time.

Your wedding day is so special and trust me ladies, once you’ve committed yourself to that special someone you feel such an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness. The day flies by so quickly, so enjoy every moment.


We love a CBD-soiree! For more inspo, check out Anna and Tom’s gorgeous Melbourne celebration here.






Ceremony location: The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo – Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Reception venue:  Lux Foundary, Brunswick

Celebrant: Anthony Cribbes – Anthony is amazing and so friendly. The marriage ceremony is an official event but Anthony made it feel so relaxed and like it was a casual gathering with all our closest family and friends. When we met he said that he always tries to make the ceremony as involved as possible ensuring that all the guests feel like they are apart of the celebration rather than just watching, and this really appealed to us.

Photography: Steph Wallis Photography – Steph is one of the most down to earth people both Lachlan and I have met. She’s so easy going and has such incredible talent. Steph managed to capture some outstanding photos and were exactly as I had imagined them to be. At no point was it awkward or too posey, it was so candid and relaxed.

Styling: Jess from Cherry Soda Events  – Jess from Cherry Soda is a friend of Lachlan’s. Lachlan is a musician and played with his band at her wedding. Jess has such beautiful supplies and ideas which I took full advantage of. If Jess knows the type of theme or style you want, she can look at a space and know exactly what to do and she blew my expecations. She made all the spaces look better than what I could have envisioned.

Florist: Jess from Cherry Soda Events

Hair: Hayley Griolli. Make-up: Katie Steventon – Hayley has been my hairdresser for years, and Katie is a registered make up artist and long time friend and I wanted to include them in the wedding on a more personal level.

The Dress: Grace Loves Lace – I came across their Instagram and fell in love with all their dresses. They are all so beautiful and thoughtfully designed.

Veil / head wear:  Flower crown provided by Jess from Cherry Soda Events

Jewellery/Accessories: Own pearl ring.

Shoes: Tony Bianco

Rings: Lachlan got my engagement ring made by a close friend, and both my wedding band and Lachlan’s ring were both from Michael Hill

Bridesmaid’s dresses: I gave the bridesmaids a color scheme (grey) and they went out and chose their own dresses. Like I mentioned, I wanted to follow suit with the earthy/neutral tones. Two of them were Shona Joy and one was from Sheike. I wanted everyone to be as comfortable as possible, so I gave them the freedom to choose.

Groom’s suit: Aquila

Groomsmen suits: Grey suit pants were from Jay Jays and the boys provided their own white shirt and shoes.

Catering: Lux Foundary catering

Cake / Cake topper: Lachlan’s Mum, Yvonne, is an amazing baker and made our wedding cake which was a vanilla sponge naked cake and a family friend made the vanilla and red velvet cupcakes.

Stationery / Signage: Invitations were made online on Vista Print 

Entertainment: Used a playlist created on my laptop

Transport: Lachlan and the groomsmen caught the City Loop tram to the ceremony and the rest of the time we used Uber Black!

Honeymoon: Bali – Seminyak and Gilli T island

Other: We wanted to keep it all as low key as possible, and having a big wedding with big fancy details just doesn’t suit who we are. We didn’t have the wedding party in fancy, matching outfits, we were both staying in the city the night before and after the wedding and didn’t want to hire a car to drive us five minutes up the road to the ceremony so we figured the tram and Uber black is just as good! And didn’t need a fancy band or DJ when music from a laptop is equally as good. Our main goal for the day was to make it feel like a party with everyone we love as well as keeping some wedding tradition.