The skinny on skincare with Body Recon

The skinny on skincare with Body Recon


With spring carnival events in full force, wedding season taking off and holiday plans taking shape, you’ll be no doubt wanting to put your best face forward. Luckily one of our talented Tribe members can help you get your glow on!

Body Recon, is an industry leading clinic, and home to the best non-surgical beauty procedures available. This day spa-esque, medically supervised clinic offers a range of medical grade treatments such as  injectables, laser skin resurfacing,  laser hair removal and chemical peels, as well as all of your beauty needs such as spray tanning and waxing. So, which treatments will have you look fresh faced and flawless for all your impending events? We chatted with skin expert, Amy, to get the skinny on all your skincare needs for this party season.


So, here comes the sun and all of the event season invitations where you want to look effortlessly flawless. Where does one start with getting a face with that supple dewy glow?

Skin peels are the perfect way to give your skin a good overhaul going into the spring/summer season. People tend to be a little afraid of peels as they think they will end up looking like Samantha from Sex and the City. For those of you who don’t follow, this means bright red skin that is flaking off and you need to hide in your house for days.

This is not the case at all with our in-clinic peels! You will walk out a little red but by the following day you will be back to your normal routine and your makeup will glide on looking flawless. We have a full range of peels to suit all skins and build you up in the strength of these peels over time. For a good quick freshen up, our ASPECT DR Lactic Acid peels are amazing for giving dull, dehydrated skin a freshen up. Hello glowing skin!



Is there a quick fix to getting an instantly flawless face, or is the key a long term commitment? 

For a quick freshen up we love a microhydrabrasion. This treatment is pain free, has no downtime and leaves you feeling plumped up and glowing for weeks after. We liken this treatment to the dentist clean feeling but for your skin. It uses a diamond crystal tip to exfoliate dead skin cells and clogged pores with the first pass. A second pass over the skin with the hydro tip is then performed, this pushes cool water onto the skin and suctions the remaining dry skin, oils and debris off, leaving you feeling squeaky clean. These types of superficial treatments can be done every   4-8 weeks or sporadically when you have something special on, there is no right or wrong.

The other treatment that our clients absolutely love and will have your friends saying how young and fresh you are looking is a little sprinkle of some anti-wrinkle injectables AKA Botox/Dysport. The frown, forehead and crow’s feet are the most popular areas that our nurses treat for a good freshen up. You can expect to be wrinkle free within seven days, some people even sooner. The process is very quick and easy. With just a few small injections and a small sting, you can walk out and no one will know you have had anything done.

Toxin does need to be topped up every 3-5 months to maintain the effectiveness. There are no negative effects of having the toxin once however, the muscle simply goes back to being able to move again which causes the lines and wrinkles in the first place.



Facial/peel, laser, injectables; where does one start and end?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to this question, everyone is different so at Body Recon we love that we can customise your treatment plan to suit YOU!

If you are completely new to the world of skin treatments and injectables we would always recommend you have a consultation with one of our dermal skin therapists and nurse injectors. This is the best way to discuss your needs, concerns, budget and what is going to get you the best results.

In most cases we would never just jump straight into laser treatments, we like our clients to be properly prepared with medical skin care and at least one superficial peeling treatment to ensure your skin is ready. We like to describe your experience with us as a skin journey and we are along for the ride with you.



What can I expect to spend on getting ‘Spring/event’ ready?

We have something to suit all budgets here at the clinic. We offer seasonal specials purposely designed around what is going to be appropriate for the weather and events. Our spring specials have something for everyone including a facial, injectables discounts, hair removal and a skin tightening treatment.

You could expect to spend on facial treatments anywhere from $90 to $200.

Laser treatments vary from $150 to $550.

Anti-wrinkle injectables are five dollars per unit and most people will require a minimum of 30 units per area.

Fillers start from $495-$650 per 1ml; 1ml of filler in most cases would be a good starting point if you have never had anything done before.



As far as timing goes, when is the best time to undertake treatments and when will the effects be most noticeable? 

To see the full effect of your anti-wrinkle injectables  (“botox”) it is best to have this done two to four weeks before your event. To make sure you are nice and smooth and to also ensure if you did need any tweaks you would be covered to look perfect for the day. When it comes to dermal fillers we would recommend a minimum of four weeks before any special occasion due to the risk of bruising, especially with lip fillers.

Skin treatments can be performed right up to forty eight hours before an event, especially microhydrabrasion which is going to instantly plump your skin. With your more invasive peels that are working deeper into the skin, 2-3 weeks prior is a good amount of time for the skin to heal and be looking its best.

With all of our pre-event skin planning we do recommend starting your skin journey with us at least 6 months prior. This gives your skin time to respond to treatments and products. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is good skin, so the longer we have to work our magic with you, the better result you can expect to have. In saying that, we do have a lot of women and men that come in very last minute to their weddings or events and want a quick freshen up. This is completely fine, just don’t expect miracles if there are deeper problems such as acne, pigmentation and deep wrinkles.

Non ablative skin rejuvenation (laser treatments) can be performed one week before a special event as there is no downtime with these type of treatments. When it comes to ablative lasers we would recommend having these at a minimum of four weeks prior to any event as these do have downtime such as flaking and peeling.

With any of our laser treatments, they should be performed in a course of treatments. This is so you will see your best results after 3-6 months as your own collagen strengthens and improves the laxity of the skin. In an ideal world we would be starting the laser journey 6-12 months prior to a wedding or big event, the longer we have with you the better results we can get.



What are your three top tips for maintaining and looking after your skin?

1). SPF, SPF and more SPF! The sun is the biggest ager, along with smoking. So protecting your skin from those harmful rays should be one of the most important steps in your daily routine. We are asked on a regular basis,  ‘do I have to wear sunscreen even if I am going to be inside?’  The answer is ‘yes’, you should have some form of protection on every day even if it is built into your makeup or moisturiser. If you know you are going to be outside even just for half an hour you should be wearing a 50+ SPF to make sure you are covered. We have a large range of sunscreens to suit all skin types.

2). Use good cosmeceutical products that make changes to your skin. Another question we get asked is, ‘what is the difference between your products and my Clinique?’ The difference is that our products all contain medical grade active ingredients and vitamins that are designed to penetrate your skin where they are needed, to make change. We have a huge range of products to suit all skin types but as a general rule the essentials for anti-aging that we should be feeding our skin every day are Vitamin A, B and C. Our skin is the biggest organ of our body and is the most exposed to the elements so we need to give it some TLC to maintain its health. And like a healthy diet and exercise this is something that is always ongoing.

3). Yearly maintenance laser treatments. We find that in most cases we are working clients towards some form of laser. Whether that is q-switch laser for pigmentation, fractional or tightening laser for skin rejuvenation or even Nd:YAG laser for rosacea/vascular concerns. Most lasers aren’t suitable to be performed over the summer months, but this is the perfect time to prep your skin with active products and chemical peels. When you are well prepped you will have better results from your more intense laser treatments. These laser treatments are the gold standard in anti-aging and are even great for younger skins (25+) for “pre-juvination”. As our collagen production ceases from the age of 25 we need to re stimulate and keep what we do have, healthy.


Body Recon sure are the experts when it comes to the perfect skin prep for any occasion, visit their listing here and then pop over to their website for their current promotions.