Sweet talk with Cherry Cakes

Sweet talk with Cherry Cakes


We won’t lie, we’ve spent a lot of time salivating over the delicious designs of our very own Tribal temptress, Cherry Cakes.

Full of creativity, Cherry (proud owner) has spent years honing her skills when finally her dream of owning her own business came to fruition, and boy has she nailed it.

Cherry Cakes is not afraid to experiment and best off all, she takes the time to get to know her clients and design a cake that not only tastes amazing but draws on the couple’s ideas, love of dessert and their personalities also.

We sat down for a little sweet talk with Cherry, but we are warning you, you’ll be left drooling!



Cherry, it’s as though you were destined to work with sweet treats, tell us about your journey with Cherry Cakes?

I have been both a pastry chef and chef for about a decade now, and it has always been my dream to have my own business. I’ve spent most of my career working on recipes and learning new skills for the day I would launch Cherry Cakes. I’ve always been a creative person so making wedding cakes is such a great outlet for that. I love making beautiful one-off creations for couples that not only taste amazing but say something about them. For me it’s the perfect combination of cooking and artwork.


What we love about your cakes is not only do they taste delicious but you are always surprising us with unique flavour combinations. How do you come up with these and can you list some of your favourites?

I am constantly working on new recipes and tweaking old ones. I get a lot of my inspiration from the traditional French training I received as a young pastry chef along with American flavour combinations. My favourite cake (at the moment) is chocolate stout cake with peanut butter and jelly Italian buttercream. It’s this delicious earthy chocolate cake that’s not too sweet, layered with raspberry jam, and then the two-different silky soft buttercreams. It is very decadent but not overly sweet. I also love making one-off flavour combinations for couples. I encourage couples to give me ideas from their favourite sweets, or desserts that they have shared together and then I’ll try to replicate that in a cake. It’s really a lot of fun!



If a bride and groom choose a magnificent Cherry Cake for their wedding day, what can they expect from the process in the lead up to and on the day?

I love working with couples to design something really unique. I always encourage them to send through photos of things they like and are inspired by and then together we come up with ideas for their dream cake. Some couples love to be really involved in brainstorming creative ideas, and other couples prefer just to give me a colour pallet and say ‘ do your thing.’ It’s one of my favourite parts of the job.


If you could sum up your cake style in five words, what would they be?

That’s hard! I’d say, delicious, unique, rustic, creative, and beautiful.


Do you do custom cakes and can you offer gluten free options?

All of our orders are custom made. We also offer several gluten free options that are very delicious.



Why is it so important to you that your cakes not only look but taste delicious?

Having worked as a chef for so many years before I started Cherry Cakes, having cakes that are interesting and taste amazing is super important to us. So many couples are now opting to have their cake as the main dessert, so we want it to be really memorable. We love to work with seasonal produce, and change our menu often so that its always fresh and exciting.


Do you offer any sweet treats other than cakes?

We sure do! You can order macarons, tarts, cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, and the list goes on. We love making sweets tables! If there is anything you are after we can do it!



For those wanting to have a sneaky taste of your delectable delights, are there any places in Melbourne they can go to sample?

I often have a stall at the ‘Flour Market’, which is a quality bake sale with all the best patisseries in Melbourne. I also supply cakes to a beautiful cafe in Brunswick called John Gorilla, where I used to be head chef. Twice a week I stock them up with cookies, brownies, macarons, doughnuts and other delicious treats. It’s a great place to try a few cakes, and their coffee is amazing!


Tell us, what is your favourite cake flavour combination?

There are so many to choose from. The stout cake I mentioned earlier is one for sure. I also really love our pumpkin spice cake which is new to the menu. It’s a spiced cake made with roasted pumpkin, and layered with vanilla bean Italian buttercream, and balsamic candied pecans. It’s very lush and delicious!



What are your top tips for a bride and groom who are ordering their cake or desserts?

Be creative and have fun with it. We want to make you something really special, so feel free to come to us with lots of fun and interesting ideas!


Wow your guests with Cherry’s darling dessert’s and cakes by contacting her here.