Temple – Bo & Luca by SoHo Bride

Temple – Bo & Luca by SoHo Bride


When Bo & Luca launched their affordable and luxurious sister line ‘TEMPLE by Bo & Luca’ it was a natural fit for the stylish SoHo Bride, based in Newtown and one of our fashion favourites for a bride-to-be.

TEMPLE by Bo & Luca is a set of ten youthful, minimalist and price-conscious gowns and the first collection was previewed at New York Bridal Week to an ecstatic audience. The designs take their cue from the boldness of the 70’s but maintain the elegance and intricacy of an heirloom wedding down. TEMPLE remains effortless and relaxed, without boning, cinching and ties of traditional bridal wear. These gowns are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

In SoHo’s New York-inspired warehouse, you can check out this collection with a champagne in hand as SoHo create a relaxed and memorable experience for every client that walks through the door.

When booking an appointment with SoHo you can expect to have their warm, stylish and inviting space all to yourself, appointments never double up. Attention is solely focused on the styling of the bride with complimentary champagne, coffee and snacks provided.

Be sure to book your appointment with the team at SoHo Bride ASAP!