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From the very beginning, Briggins founders Daniel Breese and Matthew Higgins have taken their job of dressing the men of Melbourne and Sydney very seriously.

Established in 2006, Daniel and Matthew followed their passion for a well-tailored suit and came up with the business idea of Briggins. What would set them apart from other suit retailers? They thought of the one thing that everyone is lacking these days…time. In today’s society, convenience is the new black and Briggins takes the hassle out of heading out to buy a suit and instead, brings the shop to their clientele.

Their Travelling Tailor Service, means that you don’t have to go anywhere and can create your suit in the comfort of your own home or office, bringing along samples of all luxurious Merino Wool seasonal fabric, cuff-links, ties, and shirts.

It’s not only the high-quality men’s suits that have people talking though, it’s their casualness and approach-ability and a belief that every man can look good in a suit, and every man should have a suit in their wardrobe that is tailored to fit them. This attitude which they have instilled into the Briggins team has seen them suiting up professional athletes and prominent businessmen throughout Australia.

Offering a special 10% discount on all suits for Ivory Tribe readers, be sure to mention our name or enquire directly below. Life is an adventure, and Briggins say – let’s live that adventure… looking dapper in a well-tailored-suit.


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