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Ritual Union is a partnership between photographer Didier and cinematographer Philip, who share a passion for creating beautiful imagery.

After often recommending one another to clients, they soon found that they worked really well together and shared the same commitment to image making. The duo decided it was time to create a holistic approach to capturing weddings, and as a result, Ritual Union was born.

Didier, who comes from a commercial fashion background, has a deep love for photography and when he isn’t out taking pictures, he’s hunched over his computer researching the world’s best fashion photographers, testing new lighting techniques, or editing his own personal work.

Didier is deeply invested in the art of photography and the challenges it poses. Manipulating light to create a mesmerising picture, capturing a still moment in time that will never be repeated is what excites him. He’s found that his passion for photographing weddings multiplies this feeling. Feeling that each couple brings their own uniqueness to their day, and that it’s his role to adapt to and creatively problem solve to capture moments of beauty that express a couple’s personality.

Enlisting the talent of Didier of Ritual Union will ensure your special day is captured perfectly, from beginning to end.


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