Wedding day florals with The Gathering Florist

Wedding day florals with The Gathering Florist


There’s no doubting that Victoria, founder of The Gathering Florist, was born to work with flowers.

Romantic and wild, her style of floristy has become a huge hit with brides-to-be.

Not only does The Gathering Florist offer incredible wedding floristry, but she hosts the most fabulous flower crown workshops for any babe and her buddies that are looking to get creative together (while sipping on bubbles, of course).

Below we get to know Victoria and her wonderful business further. Read on to also learn all about her DIY kits that assists a bride in creating their very own wedding bouquets!

Tell us how The Gathering Florist came about.

My best friend Rose was planning her wedding and asked if I would arrange the flowers. I absolutely loved being creative and being part of her special day. The next week I enrolled in Flower School and after I finished my studies I started The Gathering florist and haven’t looked back!



How would you sum up your ‘style’?

I would say a good mix of whimsical romance and wildness.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Colour is a big part of our inspiration. The first question I ask my clients is what colours they love and what colour they would like featured on their day. We are now entering the winter months so we are loving working with autumn tones, think deep crimson, pink and reds.  Every season inspires us with different colours to work with.



What the usual process once a bride contacts your regarding wedding day florals?

We start the process working together over emails, swapping images and Pinterest mood boards. I put together a quote based on our ideas. Once the lovely couple is happy to move forward we meet for a coffee (or a sneaky wine) and go over all the fun details.

What are some common misconceptions around wedding florals?

Carnations are not wedding flowers! Carnations always get a bad rap! Most brides request that carnations are not allowed at all in their arrangements.   I absolutely love them and think they are perfect for wedding arrangements. They are light and fluffy and come in soft and bold colours. I do agree some varieties are a little tacky but most are simply stunning. My favourite is a deep midnight purple.  So, don’t be too quick to dismiss the poor carnation.




How can a couple ensure the look they want to achieve will match the season of their wedding day?

Flowers are limited to each month. That’s why it’s important to ensure couples achieve their style by sticking to their colour palette and when it’s time for the wedding day let Mother Nature decide what will look best on the day.

Your work also extends to the gorgeous craft of flower crown making – can you tell us about your workshops?

Our workshops are lots of fun and very popular! I have a team of fabulous florists who arrive at our clients chosen venue with all the materials and a truckload of seasonal blooms.  We start off with a short demo and go over all the wire technique’s and how to construct pretty flower crowns. It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends.



What makes the flower crown workshops a nice choice for a hen’s celebration?

It’s a perfect opportunity to gather your besties around and learn a new skill while sipping champagne surrounded by beautiful blooms.

We are loving your DIY kits for the bride-to be, why did you decide to create them?

I love DIY craft projects and I wanted to offer my clients an opportunity to be their own florist for their day. It’s a fun opportunity for brides to gather their girlfriends and together create their own stunning arrangements for the day. It’s a fun and affordable option for a bride who is creative, so that’s why I’m giving away all my tips and tricks in my handbooks so my clients can find the joy and fun in flower arranging that I do.



What do you love most about what you do Victoria?

Obviously, surrounding myself with flowers everyday isn’t a bad way to live. The most amazing part of my job is being part of a couple’s special day. We might work behind the scenes but it is such a magical feeling working on a day that means so much to my clients and one they will remember forever! It’s the best job in the world!

What are your top tips for a bride (and groom) considering their wedding day styling?

Keep it simple. I always tell my clients you can’t go wrong with flowers.  So, don’t over think it!

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Florals – The Gathering Florist

Photography – Stefani Driscoll

Make Up – Hilary Holmes Make Up

Hire – Memphis Hire

Venue – The Laneway Loft

Models – Montanna, Mienna & Camille