A chat with Enrobe by The Fusion Movement – Luxurious Bridesmaid Robes

A chat with Enrobe by The Fusion Movement – Luxurious Bridesmaid Robes

Spending special time with your closest girls on the morning of your wedding is a rite of passage, and we simply adore the idea of gorgeous wedding day get-up that will get your bridal party uniformed and add a little something special to the excitement of the day ahead.

We were first introduced to the gorgeous brand that is Enrobe by The Fusion Movement when Ivory Tribe’s own Nat was searching for gorgeous gowns to complement her gang of gorgeous girls.  From there, she met Kate – the life-loving, margarita sipping, flower crown-rocking, kimono-crazy founder and creative director of these totally luxe and completely customisable range of silk gowns that we simply adore.

Read our Q&A with Kate below, as she shares her story and offers her advice for selecting the perfect pre-party pieces.



How did your business come about?

When I got married a few years ago I struggled to find some nice robes to wear on the morning of my wedding day. Most of them were cheap and tacky and the websites were really dated, which was unusual for a fashion product that was becoming more and more popular in Australia. There were plenty of options to choose from in the US, however I’d left it too late to order from overseas as it was one of the final things I had to tick off. So when an opportunity arose to start a business years later, I reflected on gaps in markets and problems I could solve and came up with the idea for Enrobe. I felt like the Australian robe market was in need of a fresh brand that added a bit of style and sophistication to a bride’s wedding morning.

What is your own background story?

While I’ve had some wonderful jobs, I’ve never stuck with a career for longer than a few years. As a child my family moved house more times than anyone I’ve ever met and the excitement I got from moving was powerful… from this I think a lifetime of change has been born for me.

I took some time out after school to travel around the world, moving from place to place every couple of months looking for my next kick of excitement, then spent the next few years working as an international flight attendant based in Sydney. While I was flying I studied my undergrad degree in HR by correspondence and then landed a job with NSW Health where I worked for the next four years. During this time I studied my Masters in Change Management and at the end of my degree my partner and I decided to move interstate to sunny Queensland where Enrobe was born.


We love The Fusion Movement philosophy – was the growth of your feel-good brand born of your own wedding experience?

This is where it gets interesting! I married a wonderful man when I was 28 years old. He was a caring, loyal, good person who treated me well and we had a gorgeous Hunter Valley vineyard wedding. I wore an amazing Johanna Johnson gown and was blessed to have every one of my beautiful family and friends there. It is still the happiest day of my life.

Unfortunately, however, our marriage ended a year later. As I continued to mature and understand more about myself, I realised that my life is a journey of rapid change. While I was continuously growing, the man I married wasn’t and he didn’t want me to either. I wanted to feel energised and passionate about our future together but instead I felt like our path was going to be unadventurous and meaningless. I imagined myself at 80 years old looking back on my life with him and sadly, that life wasn’t exciting enough for me. I knew I couldn’t create a significant life with him and so I left.

The Fusion Movement brand was born as a result of this experience. To me, love is either MAD, PASSIONATE & EXTRAORDINARY or it’s a waste of time. This philosophy is carried through to Enrobe, where we help brides get their namaste on by offering simple, sophisticated and affordable products that help celebrate their extraordinary bridal party friendships.

I’ve since met the man of my dreams and together we are all things mad, passionate and extraordinary! So the moral of the story is … never be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.


Tell us about your kimonos – the gorgeous silk and array of colours are stunning.

Our robes have been carefully designed in collaboration with photographers who work in the wedding industry to look amazing in wedding photos. The cut of our robes is quite sleek and streamlined. This was a very intentional part of our design process as we wanted our robes to have more shape than the traditional kimono robe – more like a little dress rather than a potato sack. The photographers we worked with recommended keeping the design of the robes simple with a combination of romantic and bright, bold hues. We currently have nine colours to choose from (with more coming soon!) and these have been carefully selected to pair well with each other. Brides therefore have the choice of mixing and matching colours or just going for a consistent splash of colour. Brides usually go with our Flesh Pot robe which is a beautiful creamy ivory.

In our opinion, the robes look best either plain or with some subtle embroidery. We are very flexible in our approach to personalisation – brides can choose any embroidery in any location in any thread colour! We personally love seeing initials embroidered on the front or the bride’s new name and titles like “Bridesmaid” and “Maid of Honour” embroidered on the back. For something a bit different, we can also embroider the belts of our robes which look great with the wedding date on them.

Why do you think adding a little somethin’ somethin’ to a bride’s wedding morning is so special?

We see the wedding morning as being just as important as the wedding itself because it sets the tone for the entire day. More and more brides are planning out how they’d like to spend the hours leading up to their wedding to ensure that it’s a time of celebration rather than stress and anxiety. A good sleep, some light exercise like a run or a yoga session followed by a beautiful champagne breakfast before your pampering begins, should help to clear the nerves, but brides need to decide what’s right for them and prepare accordingly. We’ve found that our robes add an element of excitement to the wedding morning and help set the tone for the day and the feedback we’ve had from brides certainly confirms this.


You have so many beautiful options – how do we make the perfect choice?!

Our flexible approach to personalisation gives brides so many choices which can sometimes make the decision process difficult! We recommend starting with the robe colour and matching this to the bridesmaid dresses or the theme of the wedding. Sometimes brides just fall in love with a particular robe colour though and in that case, we just say go with it! Next decide on embroidery location – on the front, the belt or the back (or a combo of these) – and what you would like to have embroidered. Lastly, choose from our hundreds of embroidery thread colours. Navy is always a classic option and we’ve found that slightly darker tones of the robe colour also work well.

What is some of the best feedback you’ve had from brides so far?

Our robes are packaged as luxury thank-you gifts and we’ve found that brides particularly love the beautiful packaging and gift box. Some brides give the robes to their bridesmaids at their engagement party as a way of asking them to be their bridesmaids. Others give them on the morning of the wedding to say thank you for everything that you’ve done in the lead-up to the wedding. Whichever approach they take, it seems the experience of giving the robes and watching their bridesmaids open them is just as special as actually wearing them.

What can we expect to see next from Kimono Kate and her gorgeous eye for style?

We’re currently deciding on some new robe colours for the Enrobe collection and we have some exciting plans in place to work with digitally printed fabrics over the coming months. We’re also considering other products in the wedding industry to grow The Fusion Movement brand beyond Enrobe so watch out for what’s to come!


Want more? Get you girls glowing in Kate’s gorgeous collection by visiting the Enrobe website.