Bride Business – Pocket Planner by Ivory Tribe
Bride Business – Pocket Planner by Ivory Tribe

Bride Business – Pocket Planner by Ivory Tribe


Remember our sleek and sophisticated wedding planning book Bride Business? She was the new gal about town who took brides-to-be by storm with her fresh take on wedding planning.

Let us now introduce you to Bride Business – Pocket Planner, the sassy little sister of our wedding planning book Bride Business.

Bride Business – Pocket Planner is for the bride-to-be that mostly has her wedding planning sh*t together but is still looking for a sleek space to put her wedding planning notes and thoughts.

Featuring our comprehensive checklist that will take a bride from 12 months (or more) in her wedding planning to the wedding day and beyond. Ticking through these lists will ensure a bride’s planning goes tick-tick-boom!

With adequate space for notes and of course our signature cheeky quotes to keep you inspired, our 92 page ‘Bride Business – Pocket Planner’ really is your perfect planning pal.

Buy her for yourself or gift your bride-to-be bestie, either way, you need her in your life!

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Written, designed and printed: Melbourne, Australia

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