Engagement shoot goodness with One Spoon Two Spoon
Engagement shoot goodness with One Spoon Two Spoon

Engagement shoot goodness with One Spoon Two Spoon


The lead up to a wedding day can be go, go go. It’s a busy time and it’s not always easy to stop and smell the roses, remembering that through the chaos, your goal is in fact to marry the love of your life.

Engagement shoots can be a great way to re-focus and remind you of what lays ahead, as well as become a more relaxed trial-run for the big day itself.

Hailey of One Spoon Two Spoon took the time to chat about the concept with us, and share the gorgeous story of Michael and Yen, who recently got in front of the lens for some engagement goodness of their own.

If you’re thinking about getting some special shots before your own wedding, or want to know what it’s all about, read on…




Hailey, why are engagement shoots or pre wedding portrait shoot a good idea for couples and photographers?

I LOVE a good engagement session! I think they’re a wonderful idea because it gives you the opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer before the wedding day. You get to see how they work, what their approach to shooting is, and you also get to have some gorgeous photos of you as a couple that aren’t “wedding-exclusive”. The great thing about engagement shoots as opposed to weddings shoots is that you can get quite creative with them too. You can end up knee-deep in the ocean or running in the rain or rolling around in grass. You’ll get absolutely killer photos of out of it without having to worry if you look good afterwards!


Are these shoots included as part of your wedding packages or generally an added extra?

Engagement shoots are an added extra but come discounted when you book in a wedding!


Who tends to opt for these shoots? 

It honestly varies! Some people do it as a practice run for their wedding day, some people just find it a good excuse to finally get some nice portraits with their lover.


What are your tips for couples when it comes to suggesting locations or outfits? 

The good thing about an engagement shoot as opposed to a wedding shoot is that you have so much more freedom. You have more freedom with the time of day to have your shoot – you can actually base your time and day around the best light.

You can choose a location that’s different to the kind of scenery you might have in your wedding photos, which will give you plenty of variety.

When it comes to what to wear, think casual and comfortable clothing, but dress nicely. An added tip – many brides tend to schedule their make-up trial for the same day as their engagement session so they can see how their makeup photographs too and they look extra special.


How long does this kind of shoot take and when should couples book/arrange it?

An engagement shoot lasts approximately an hour. Some couples book the engagement session a year out from the wedding so they can use these photos for their “wedding website” or their engagement announcement or for their “save the date” cards. Other couples prefer to have it much closer to the wedding so they can take that opportunity to meet with their photographer and discuss the finer details of the wedding plans. I prefer to book an engagement shoot a week or two out from the shoot actually taking place so that we can try and choose a date with good weather, and we just find when we’re both available, rather than booking an engagement shoot in months before the shoot takes place.


Michael and Yen, an engaged couple, we lucky enough to use the sublime services of Hailey, and so we wanted the low-down from them as to how they found their engagement shoot.

How did you decide that an engagement / pre wedding portrait shoot was for you?

We just moved into our home and wanted some casual photos of us hung on the walls! And being that Michael (aka Bear) is also a wedding photographer, a real delight for him are when couples actually print or request for printed photos. We live in such a busy world now that printed photos in frames isn’t as popular as quick teasers on Instagram.


How did you decide Hailey of One Spoon Two Spoon was the lens lady for you?

We found her at the Valley Loves fair and by far, she had the best set up! She was busy chatting to other enquiring couples and we were short on time, so we quickly grabbed a pamphlet from her, looked at her Instagram feed and fell in love.

We love the dark, rich and golden colours she uses so well. We thought her photos were stunning but wanted to make sure that whoever we used to capture our day, was going to be an extension of our friend. After a FaceTime chat with Hailey, we just knew she was perfect, and Bear was so excited he told her on the spot. We didn’t even have to consult privately about it. She’s just has this amazing energy, so genuine and bright.


How did you approach the session (i.e. manage any nervousness or shyness) and was there any ‘pose practice’ in the lead up? 

Ha well we had been taking secret dance lessons for our first dance and we thought it would be fun to have a shot of the ‘dip’.

Hailey captured that moment so effortlessly along the tram tracks down Acland Street, St Kilda. We were a little shy, but Hailey put some music on, and we just took the session like it was a date night. We went back to the restaurant Bear took me on our first date. We ate dinner and then gelati, danced around Luna Park and got wet at St Kilda beach during sunset. It was a pretty incredible date.


What was your favourite part of the shoot?

As we were walking back to the car after our shoot at the beach, we walked into a street band playing Indian music. People were dancing exotically – it was bold, it was energetic, there was clapping, and we were caught in the middle of the magic.


Are you glad you did this and how do you now feel about your upcoming wedding photography?

YES, YES, YES. It was about one month before the wedding and we hadn’t booked it in, bless Hailey for actually reminding us. We locked it in two weeks prior to the big day and we are so, so glad it happened. It made us all the more excited about the big day and just so confident in Hailey’s ability to deliver.





We love the idea of getting comfy in front of the camera before the big day. For some more gorgeous engagement inspiration, click here, and to see some more from Hailey and her photography work, visit our directory.

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