Mum’s the word.

Mum’s the word.

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Where would we be without our mothers?

Ok, sometimes in the wedding planning process they may drive you up the wall – however in most instances they are the ones you talk to about every aspect of your wedding day. The ones that patiently listen and don’t roll their eyes when you suggest mint green napkins are an absolute must.

Even if it feels as though they are sending you a little wedding mental, on most occasions, it’s only because they ultimately want you to have the most incredible day of your life. Don’t forget, it can be a rather emotional time for a mum, as they send their daughter or son off into wedded bliss.

Similarly, for those who may have lost their mum, or wish to honour other (just as important!) leading ladies in their lives such as grandmothers, step-mother’s or ‘pretty much’-my-mothers, weddings are a special time to do so.

In light of Mother’s Day, we thought we might share these cute and creative ways to involve that special lady in your life, in your big day.


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Have both your mother and father escort you down the aisle. Should you feel this might not lend nicely to the tradition of the day, have your celebrant get your guests attention and then have you mother walk down the aisle (escorted or un-escorted) right before the processional.



Allow your mother to lend a helping hand where she can – be it collecting rose petals for the petal toss at the end of the ceremony, sourcing the perfect cake-topper, or helping seal the envelopes on your invitations, not only is it a great help, but it can also create some special bonding time between the two of you.


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Have your mother share a reading she has especially chosen for you at the ceremony. Or you could invite her forward to simply impart some marriage advice or her hopes for your marriage at a moment in the ceremony that best suits.



Wedding ceremonies need two witnesses to sign the marriage register. Invite your mother to be a witness during the ceremony when the signing of the register takes place,  but also have your officiant explain why they have been chosen and why they are so special to you.



Ask your mother to share a toast or speech at your wedding reception. It will be an opportunity for her to share her thoughts on you and your marriage and what she hopes.


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What better way to surprise your mum than allocating a special song at the reception so you can have a  boogie with your mum. Have the entertainment introduce it, grab your mum and go hit that dance floor!



Leave a special note for your mother when she wakes on the morning of your wedding day or at her place setting for her to read as she takes her seat at reception. This is sure to be a tear-jerker so leaves some tissues also!



Display her wedding pictures at your reception, and go back even further and display your grandmother’s also. A beautiful, sentimental touch to showcase each family.



As the old tradition goes, ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’, use this as a chance to show your mum how special she is, by requesting something of hers to keep with you on your wedding day.

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If you’re lucky enough to have your mother’s own wedding dress or veil to hand, perhaps have a swatch of her dress sewed into the inside of your own, or wrap a swatch of her veil around your bouquet.  Even better, if her veil is fitting for your own wedding style, wear it.



If your mother is a goddess in the kitchen, let her assist in making your wedding day super sweet. Whether she helps in baking your wedding cake, or assists in making favours (think jam jars or cookies) let her contribute her love through her cooking.



Should your mother no longer be with us, a wedding day can be an especially trying time – navigating the emotions of missing somebody special are never easy. Your officiant will be able to make mention of this in their address to your guests – letting people know that while they are not physically present, your loved one is no doubt there in spirit, beaming with pride and joy. Another nod to your leading lady, missing in action, might be the inclusion of a special photo memory at your reception celebrations. This can signify that special individual watching over the evening unfold and bring a smile to those who stop for a quite moment’s reflection.


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Whether it be your biological mother, step mother, grand mother, aunt, or a close family friend who plays the pivotal nurturing role in your life, weddings are a time of remembrance, joy and acknowledgement for those in support of you marrying the love of your life. Embrace all the emotions and celebrate them in whatever way feels right for you.


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