Postponed? How to pivot when it comes to wedding stationery
Postponed? How to pivot when it comes to wedding stationery
Postponed? How to pivot when it comes to wedding stationery
Postponed? How to pivot when it comes to wedding stationery

Postponed? How to pivot when it comes to wedding stationery


There are so many layers to the current wedding climate. Do you postpone? When do you make the call and more importantly, how?

While every supplier and aspect of planning is impacted when it comes to changing your date, one area in particular that we know couples are looking for guidance on is stationery.

From save the date cards that are no longer relevant, to invitation suites and even on-the-day signage – we’ve explored the situation with one of our stellar stationers, Annette of Danger & Moon x Confetti Edition, who has some helpful tips to have you feeling back in control.




COVID-19 sure has got wedding couples in a spin and this has become quite apparent in the communication between stationers and brides and grooms.

“It’s clear from the emails from my clients, the uncertainty about what to do is very stressful,” says Annette.

Annette’s approach has mirrored that of the industry at large, in the drive to create certainty and stability in an uncertain time.

“I’ve let them all know that I’ll be available for whenever they re-book, she explains. Almost every one of them that has postponed has come back to me with huge relief once they’ve made the decision.”

Annette has also found that many couples are taking the opportunity to re-assess their wedding plans in general, to adapt to the times. Especially for those wishing to be married sooner rather than later.

“Depending on their circumstances, some couples have changed venues, culled guest lists, or opted to elope, ” she explains.

With regards to wedding stationery, as Annette has always worked on completely custom basis and kept her processes really flexible, it’s given her couples confidence to move with whatever they need and still maintain their excitement in wedding planning.



If new invites have been required, Annette has offered to either do a free digital invite they can email guests, or reprint the main invite at cost price.

We’ve seen many stationers offering digital design options for Save The Date cards or change of event detail announcements – and with the ever-changing landscape, it can be a great way to keep guests in the loop with regards to your wedding day.




Typically, as Annette explains, on-the-day stationery is left until quite close to the celebration itself, so as long as you’re keeping your stationer updated with regards to your plans and with plenty of notice, this should eradicate the added stress of re-printing in that sense.

Once restrictions are lifted and larger weddings resume, it will be a matter of revising the process with regards to seating charts that factor in social distancing and the like.



With couples digesting the new normal with regards to the wedding landscape, it seems too they have began to trend towards an interest in personal connection with their stationer, rather than a purely online transaction.

There of course is that comfort in knowing they can discuss their personal situation and plans with an actual person should a postponement be looming.

Overall, Annette’s already close client contact approach with couples, and custom element to her work, has seen her couples breathe a sigh of relief in what has otherwise been a turbulent time for planning.




Gauging the reactions of her couples, Annette’s best advice would be to remember that weddings will once again resume. This won’t last forever. “It’s a good opportunity to take stock of the day and ensure it was turning out how you envisaged,” she shares.

Adding that, “there really is such a huge relief from all of my couples once they’ve postponed rather than riding the rollercoaster of uncertainty.”


Annette is truly a god send when it comes to planning your perfect stationery suite on your big day, and she’s also a great sounding board, so we highly recommend having a chat with her. Make contact here.





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