Analog Modern

In the age of digital, taking photos on film might be seen as a novelty, but it’s so much more than that.


Let us introduce to you Nathan Kaso, the talent and craftsman behind Analog Modern, who has a passion for capturing all your incredible moments on analog film and turning them into photos that are rich in character with a timeless look. The colours and tones of his work are not only beautiful and unique to the couple that feature in them, but evoke an incredible sense of nostalgia.


Nathan firmly believes your wedding photos will become a priceless family heirloom, something that will be passed on through generations and the lifespan of these precious memories will be so much more than what is splashed on social media – his photos only grow in value over time. Each of his images spark the subconscious.


His talent is evident and simply put, Nathan’s always loved photos. Taking photos, looking at photos and delivering photos to the amazing couples who trust him to capture their day.


He is all about quality over quantity and he truly believes the photos he doesn’t take are just as important as the ones he does. He won’t spend your day snapping away like a madman, rather he takes his time to make sure everyone photo he captures is reflective of you, your love and something you will always treasure.


Romantic, timeless and nostalgic, Analog Modern is the perfect choice for those once in a lifetime moments.


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