Are you a wine lover?


Then our friends at BAIE Wines have the perfect gift offering for you!


Perfect for the bride-to-be or a pack of pals that enjoy a glass or two when you need to a take a wedding planning break, BAIE’s ‘Follow Your Heart’ Rose’ gift set is a dream.


This highly coveted Rose’ can now be purchased in a beautifully packaged box with 3 bottles of Follow Your Heart Rose’ and a copy of our wedding planning book, ‘Bride Business’ – the perfect planning companion in the form of a beautifully-bound 132-page book.


Alternatively, if you have your wedding planning sorted but still need this Rose’ in your life, then you’re able to purchase BAIE’S Rose’ in a 6 or 12 pack on its own – whatever does the job to ensure you are planning, celebrating, cheering and laughing with a glass of BAIE Rose’ in your hand!




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