Briars Atlas

Briars Atlas AKA Oli Sansom, pulls magic out of the mundane.
Chasing love, connection and human stories across the globe (even Antarctica!) – Oli captures and creates brilliant, artistic and carefully considered memories for his forward-thinking couples. From “shoeys” in local backyards, to penguins at the South Pole – he takes photos that are good for the soul, and good for the family mantelpiece also.
With the belief that everything is valuable – Oli lends his artistic eye, curious and empathetic approach to ensure that not only the usual wedding moments are captured, but so too are the weird, in-between interactions that make us human. Each are given equal weight and each form to tell a cohesive and captivating story.
Oli’s attitude towards wedding photography is “this is about you, not me”. It’s this approach that is the backbone of all that he does – from meetings before the wedding day, to the gorgeous final package you receive.  In fact, he has a habit of transforming the I-hate-my-photo-being-taken types, into advocates and camera lovers. With Oli, you soon find his passion is infectious.
Having found and honed a career in fusing all of what he loves – art, documentary and the human interaction, Oli doesn’t shy away from the fact that what he does it absolutely personal. He takes his responsibility seriously and will never lose sight of its importance.
But what we love about Oli, AKA Briars Atlas, is what you see is what you get and in a world where this can often be rare, it doesn’t get much better than that.


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