With over 30 years designing, creating and sourcing fabrics for impeccable bridal accessories, the Daphne Newman brand is synonymous with breathtaking wedding veils and luxe, hand-made bridal robes.


Daphne and her team set out to change the mood of the traditional wedding veil; with a vision of demonstrating to brides and industry alike, that you can incorporate tradition without compromising personal style.


Each Daphne Newman piece is hand made using silk tulle, and exclusive lace sourced by Daphne on her travels to Europe and the Middle East, this unwavering commitment is largely attributed to the aesthetic of the fabric but more importantly to ensure it stands the test of time.


With the intention of her designs to be cherished by the bride as a timeless memory of her wedding style, and as an heirloom for future generations – the Daphne Newman approach is a rarity in our modern society of fast fashion. As the defining bridal accessory, Daphne encourages her brides to carefully choose their veil, and not simply an afterthought of the gown.


Each piece of the Daphne Newman collection is enriched with emotion, romance and history, and are as captivating as they are effortless – the perfect piece of the puzzle for your own breathtaking bridal look.


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