Director’s Edge believe that your wedding day isn’t only summed up by what happens at the end of the aisle. In fact, they think that your wedding films should be as dynamic as your life. Filled with laughter, pride, hope, covert kisses and of course wild dance moves – and this is exactly what they deliver.

Meet Glen, the talented owner of Directors Edge – a story seeker with an appetite for storytelling.

What we love about Glen and his passion for wedding films is that he throws himself into everything he does with gusto, and that includes his work, the friendships he has with his clients, and the wicked dance moves he pulls (and he has the couple testimonials to prove it!)

Glen realises the importance of the relationship you have with him, you are going to spend a lot of time together on your most important day, so it’s important you both get to know each other – no awkward vibes. Glen takes the times to get to know you and understand who you and with his ability to sense precious moments and create narrative, his style is to authentically capture the wedding day of a couple and craft a story unique to their journey.

So, when it comes to your wedding film, what can you expect?

To put it simply, the Director’s Edge style is to combine the unmissable wedding moments with lots of in between details, add in a perfectly synced score while stirring in some snippets of vows and speeches.

But when it comes to the bigger picture: Director’s Edge have taken their own vows against cliche, to create films that hit you in the feels. The end results are personally crafted films that feel as magical, moving and relevant right now as well as into the future because they’re not based on fads. They’re based on you and your narrative.

They’re not focused on counting the hours on a wedding day as they know the best moments are unplanned and spontaneous. Simply put, they are with you from preparations through to reception formalities (think: speeches/cake/first dance) – never leaving before some kicker dance moves have been captured on the dance floor. And if you want coverage until the very end, whether it’s wild antics, fireworks or leaving on a jet boat – they’ve got it covered too.

Based in the Yarra Valley but servicing anywhere you can get to by car or plane, Directors Edge create wedding films that keep love living on, long after your wedding day is over.


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