Entertainment Collective

In the heart of the bustling entertainment industry, a collective of seasoned artists identified a void in the market, a gap that begged to be filled with superior entertainment of the highest quality, particularly for the grand occasions like weddings. And so was established Entertainment Collective, bringing the finest musical experiences to the most significant moments in people’s lives.


What sets Entertainment Collective apart is its commitment to sourcing top-tier artists, individuals who not only excel in their craft but live and breathe the very essence of music. Their mission is clear: to make this calibre of entertainment accessible to couples on their most significant day.


Spanning across Melbourne and Greater Victoria, Entertainment Collective boasts a diverse array of talents, including vocalists, acoustic duos, bands, instrumentalists, DJ’s, and MC’s. The depth and breadth of their talent pool ensure that they can cater to every musical inclination and event requirement.


The belief at the core of Entertainment Collective is that nothing commands a space quite like the sound of live music. They take pride in crafting the soundscape of unforgettable moments.


Operating as a boutique Victorian crew, Entertainment Collective takes a personalised approach, offering a level of care that exceeds exceeds expectation, with their hand-selected group of entertainers of talented, experienced, and professional individuals.


For those seeking elegance and grandeur, Entertainment Collective offers a ‘Modern Classic’ experience. They curate bespoke packages for each couple, ensuring a unique touch that aligns with their vision and vibe. The team prides itself on tailored customer service, and despite being an agency, they facilitate direct communication between couples and the chosen talent.


Entertainment Collective doesn’t just promise top-tier entertainers; they deliver a premium wow factor. Their artists, some of whom have graced platforms like Australia’s Got Talent, The Voice, Australian Musical Theatre, and Broadway, are a testament to the powerhouse of modern-classic entertainment they provide. Whether it’s pulling at heartstrings or creating heart-thumping experiences, Entertainment Collective guarantees a musical journey that leaves an indelible mark on the minds of guests, making each event truly unforgettable.


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