Events by Aimie

Meet Aimie.


She is your list maker, the double checker and the person with a backup plan for a backup plan and most of all, the ultimate planner to bring a stress-free wedding day to life.


Events by Aimie is a bespoke wedding and event planning services that delivers exceptional celebrations. After forging a professional career in the hospitality and events industry, Aimie realised she was obsessed with creating not just great events but dream events.


She personally tailors her services to a client’s individual needs. Think of Aimie as a your very own wedding Fairy Godmother who offers a variety of packages to make your wedding planning a seamless experience.


You can take the pressure off completely with her start to finish wedding co-ordination packages or she can act as a support service for those couples who are organised but need some extra help in the lead up so they can simply sit back and relax.


Aimie has helped co-ordinate hundreds of weddings over her career, so she’s professional, experienced and has a knack for multi-tasking. She thrives on helping couples take their weddings to the next level and her approachable nature means she’s always on hand every step of the way.


Take the pain out of planning and allow Events by Aimie to make your wedding dream a reality.


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Based in Victoria.

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