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Alexandra Baxter is a refreshing mix of good vibes and vibrant energy – she is all about the happy-hearted moments that her role brings her – so throw in some supreme professionalism, a stunning ability to craft stories and deliver them in an engaging way and we think you may just have stumbled upon the ideal marriage celebrant.


If you were to ask Alex what her tone and celebrant style is, you’d probably land on the terms light-hearted, buoyant and fun, but importantly, she also excels in extracting a couple’s story and personality so that in every original ceremony she writes, the content is uniquely tailored to them.


Working with Alex means you don’t just have a random person writing your story, as Alex is genuinely interested in who you are and you story. She is one of those heart-explodey, gimme more, mushy love, people who can’t get enough of people’s lives and their love stories.


Getting to know her couples is of the upmost importance to Alex, and you’ll soon come to realise that there is no one-script-fits-all approach here – the way you met, the life you live, the stories you share, it will all be captured and re-told in her signature fun-filled and fabulous way, creating lifelong memories of they day you chose to make it all official.


For Alex’s couples, they always leave their ceremony with all the warm and fuzzy feels. Seeing people happy fills her cup and she considers herself to be so lucky to be able to contribute to that.


Vibrant, genuine and authentic, Alex also takes her role as a celebrant extremely seriously – she will guide you, support you and become an integral part of your wedding journey with guaranteed laughs included along the way.


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