Georgie James Photography

With over six years experience and 150 weddings under her belt, Georgie James still feels the same nervous exhilaration each time she picks up her camera to document a wedding day. That’s how she knows she has found her calling.


Georgie’s journey began after shooting a friends wedding some six years ago, and has blossomed to deliver amazing service from her clients time and time again. From booking, through to planning, shooting and delivering galleries of images with minimal fuss and maximum style, Georgie is on your side and you are always in capable and caring hands.


With her vibrant, spontaneous and hilarious approach to life, Georgie gathers and documents moments of joy in a natural, unobtrusive and easy-going manner. She is often the source of laughter on a wedding day, but also seamlessly works a crowd to get the job done without making a fuss. It is this approach that sees her catch all the romance and beauty, slithers of stunning natural light and connection, giving her clients truly joyful memories for years to come.


With the understanding that photography is a hugely important part of a wedding day, it’s no wonder that Georgie’s clients walk away feeling seen and heard – from the moment of booking, her no-fuss approach and personalised service reassures you that you’ve made the right decision.


If you’re seeking a photographer who loves people and moments, details and joy – Georgie is the gem you have been waiting to uncover. A country girl with big city style, who sees the beauty in every bright personality she encounters as she embarks on wonderful, wedding adventures. Minus the bulls*it. We’ll say yes to that.


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Based in Victoria.

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