get married with pip.


After her own wedding in 2021, where Pip experienced the full range of emotions of hearing her own love story being re-told, she was struck by the way a ceremony can be truly unique to a couple, bringing in family and friends in a personalised way and setting the tone for the day that unfolded. She was hooked, and as such – get married with pip was born.


Ever since, Pip has created authentic, personal wedding ceremonies of her own for family and friends, delivering deeply personal weddings with love.


Pip has gone on to offer the same level of service for clients, with both ‘get married with pip’ and ‘get married with friends’ – whereby with her full support, a loved one conducts your ceremony and she completes the legal components.


Pip’s ceremonies are relaxed, heartfelt and authentic, based on stories from the couple and their loved ones. There’s a few things you won’t find in her ceremonies though: no lectures, no cliches, no stand-up comedy and no fluff (that means that she won’t quote the Oxford Dictionary definition of marriage to your guests!). She offers both a registry-style package for those wanting something short and sweet, and a personalised package for couples looking for a ceremony that is written just for them from beginning to end.


The ‘get married with friends’ is Pip’s answer to the question: “can we have our friend be our celebrant?”. You can have a friend to play the key role in conducting the ceremony, while she takes care of the legals. However, she won’t just do the legals and leave your friend to figure out the rest on their own – supplying resources, providing assistance with ceremony design, reviewing drafts, and offering her best tips and tricks for a smooth and memorable ceremony.


Believing there are very few occasions in life where we really pause and celebrate our relationships, and even fewer where we do that surrounded by our family and friends, Pip is passionate about creating personal, joyful wedding ceremonies that you and your loved ones remember for the right reasons.


She wants the ceremony to be your absolute favourite part of your wedding day, and for your friends and family to feel like they have been a part of it, not just spectators – go ahead and get married with Pip, it’s a no brainer.

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