Ginger + Mint

For Ginger + Mint’s Verity Stubbs, it all began in the darkroom at high school (as do a lot of good love stories).


Second base was at a Newspaper, spending almost a decade as a photojournalist.


Third base was the offical beginning of Ginger + Mint photography in 2009.


Ever since, Verity has brought experience, warmth, energy and passion to documenting memories that transport you right back to the moment. Her photography acts as an instant time machine, bringing couples to remember the energy of their celebration, and re-ignite the senses they experienced on that day in time, no matter how many years might pass.


Verity takes a laid back approach to your photography experience, and always provides a confetti canon amount of fun along the way too. She wants her couples to take one look at the photos taken and remember how much fun they were having. The sounds, the smells, the dance floor as well as the bad jokes too! She immerses herself into your day and will happily chat to Uncle Bob about the 37 cameras he’s owned in his life, capture your work mates doing the worm, and you will see her right amongst all the action, barely sitting down in case she gets a case of FOMO!


Verity’s impressive tenure in the photography game means that she is all the things you want in a stellar supplier – she fills gaps you didn’t realise needed filling – a sewing kit and first aid box always at hand, and an eager eye for a crooked buttonhole, Verity has got your back. It just so happens, that she is as uplifting to spend time with as she is organised. She makes not only you as a couple feel right at home, but will have your guests raving about her once the day is done.


Bringing all the joy, ensuring an inclusive service and with her trustworthy nature – the energy in Verity’s candid, creative and considered photography is just the icing on the cake.


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