In 2014 Glen Nicholls took a leap of faith into wedding photography and he hasn’t looked back since!


Passionate about people and their connections, Glen is the kind of photographer that you will immediately warm to. He has an ability to make you feel relaxed because he himself understand how nerve wracking and exposed you can feel when having your photographs taken.


He goes that extra mile to forge a relationship with you, so you end up feeling like you’re hanging out with an old friend on the day, who just happens to take seriously amazing photos.


After having a rather poor photography experience on his own wedding day, Glen has channelled this into ensuring his couples will never experience what he felt – because no one deserves to feel like they’re just a number.


Glen is driven to offer you the best service and experience he can. He wants you to have the best time and enjoy yourself along the wedding planning journey with him and then deliver to you the most beautiful images that have a great story and feeling associated with them.


His engaging personality will help break down any walls you might have and he’s on hand to offer advice and have a laugh with you along the way. Not only will you love working with him, but so will your guests and he will go out of his way to have fun with them too.


Wedding photography isn’t just about having beautiful photographs for Glen, it’s about documenting the connections and relationships we share with the ones that we love. And it’s about fun.


Add Glen Nicholls to your wedding day Tribe and you will not regret it.


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