It’s Beautiful Here

It’s Beautiful Here are in the business of documenting candid photos for fun-loving couples, and boy do they do it well.


The masterminds and hearts behind the business, Kat Soutar and Scout Kozakiewicz, are two Melbourne based photographers with a background in visual and media arts.


This talented duo is passionate about storing memories of very special events for lovers and their families. With a focus on the party and an eye for capturing seemingly small moments – their work is full of pleasant surprises. The gratitude they receive for recording these special moments is what makes their hearts feel full and they work incredibly hard and with much passion to ensure they capture and deliver every darling detail of a wedding day.


What we really love about It’s Beautiful Here is their relaxed approach. Everything is candid, truly in the moment and emotive in every sense of the word – the results speak for themselves. Working together as a team ensures they can ensure they provide a relaxed and seamless experience, covering your day from every angle and at the most unassuming times.


The relationships Kat and Scout build with their couples is based on trust and truly collaborative – they recognise and appreciate that everybody celebrates their love in their own way, and their photographs are a creative response to those unique qualities that make you the couple you are.


The ‘It’s Beautiful Here’ experience is an exploration of ritual and love, observed unobtrusively, documented as an heirloom. What could be better than that?


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