The larger-than-life personality of talented shutterbug Jackson Grant, is rivalled only by his passion and talent for photography. So, who better than to share his story, but the man himself?


The only time I’m in the way is when the Nutbush comes on. Ain’t nobody got time for the conventional. I snap, I film, and I’m here for a good time, not a long time. A non-invasive experience is one that allows for more fun. Socks and sandals are my hidden secret to eight hours of wedding comfort, and the last time I saw a garter toss I drove home 15 minutes early.


Let’s show off your partner at the sight of their tears, your family after ten or so beers, all so you can look back on it for years and years (damn that was good). I’m only here for the authentic stuff, like your grandparents’ hidden dance moves. The two of you will go about this damn fine shindig, and I’ll just stick to being that lanky guy in the corner who dresses like some cowboy / tourist.


No two weddings are the same. Taking some cut copy approach just wouldn’t feel right. What you see here stems strictly from passion. This type of documentation is timeless, and I ain’t gonna forget that any time soon. It’s so bloody important for me to grab the feelings that are evoked from your day, to ensure you feel the same way forty, fifty, sixty years later.


Livin’ in the big smoke, but you’ll find me galloping around country Victorian landscapes most weekends. Car, boat, plane? Seeya round like a rissole. Anywhere interstate / overseas is fine by me, just feed us some grub would ya.


A definite highlight would have been waking up on Adam Lamberts couch in Los Angeles. Remind me to tell ya more about that.



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