Lettuce & Co was born from a creative collaboration in 2013 and ever since, has been on an epic ride of designing and delivering shit-hot stuff for all types of events in all shapes and sizes.


They are every couples everything. The creatives, the stylists, the planners, the prolific list makers, the logistical engineers, the budget sleuths, the late night consultants, the dilemma technicians and co-conspirators.


Since their beginnings, Lettuce & Co have stayed true to who they are, what they do, and what they offer. They are a team of dedicated, honest and passionate professionals. Laughers and lovers at heart, but when it is called for, aren’t

afraid to drop a naughty word or three!


Having fun is important to this vibrant team, so much so, they are even said to be banging out tunes at 1am bump outs…that’s just how they roll.


There is nothing they can’t do or handle, and true to style, they handle it all like ninjas.


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