Steph Tout of Long Way Home brings her down-to-earth, gentle and empathetic nature to her weddings.

With her background in fine art feeding into the creativity and quality of her work – Steph holds a firm belief that photography is about the wedding, rather than the wedding being about the photography.

She offers relaxed and unobtrusive wedding photography carefully tailored to each couple’s unique celebration, with an emphasis on documenting the day as it unfolds.  Giving gentle guidance with portraits and posing, Steph always aim to show her couples a lovely time and enjoys connecting with them along the way.

Steph adores wedding days – feeling that each wedding is like its own little universe, filled with feeling and made up of big, small and unexpected moments and populated with a myriad of unique characters. The thrill of taking a great photo never dulls for her and she delights in emotion filled moments that her couples treasure for life.

Steph believes it’s an absolute honour to share your day with you, and enlisting the beautiful energy of Long Way Home photography will ensure you have stunning and sincere moments captured for a lifetime.


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