Moonstruck Bride

Meet Moonstruck Bride, a bridal boutique dedicated to helping you find that something extra special – a wedding gown that screams your name and makes your heart soar.

Their unrivalled selection of unique gowns is perfect for awesome brides seeking something special and fun to wear on their big day. Think shooting star embroidery, romantic modern laces, sequins, and metallic textures; they are here for it all!


Business owners and friends Amelia and Martine only select styles that excite them, are distinctive, and unexpected. They’re not afraid of the non-traditional, and they’ve created a welcoming space that is friendly and approachable. They truly want you to have that moment, when the rush of excitement takes over because you know you’ve found ‘the one’.


Moonstruck Bride is all about a personalised and fun-filled experience. They want to help you find a gown that complements your style and brings out your own personality, they don’t want you to settle for just a ‘flattering’ or ‘lovely’ option.


All gowns from Moonstruck Bride are made to order, so there is no wastage, and many of their chosen designers have an eco-approach, with sustainability at the forefront – think recycled fabrics and vegan gowns. Gowns with personality, gowns that will make heads turn for all the right reasons.


Searching for a wedding gown is a momentous occasion, one that deserves to feel amazing –  and with Moonstruck Bride and their exclusive range, you can expect exactly that!


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