Petite Visuals

Hailing from France and in the business of documenting rad couples in love, Morgane Cazaubon of Petite Visuals has always been captivated by human emotions and habits.


Offering modern documentary style photography, Petite Visuals loves nothing better than giving people a way to remember the details of their lives through her stunning imagery. Nothing lights her up more than knowing her photos will be shared and passed on for many years to come.


Morgane will try and learn your unique love story and then tell it as best she can through her photography. Though she assures us what she won’t do is climb on an unstable ladder to take a group shot, share her awkward taste in music and even more importantly she won’t capture anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. So you can rest easy knowing there will be no awkward posing on your big day.


She will fit seamlessly into your celebration, and because she’s short in stature, she can stay unnoticed and capture those camera-shy peeps. Morgane is easy to work with, a go with the flow kind of person that knows how to read a room, moments and emotions well.


If this all sounds good to you, then we encourage you to drop Petite Visuals a line and get to know her too, you won’t regret it.


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