Pinkie Promise


Floral lovers, we introduce to you, Pinkie Promise, an absolute powerhouse when it comes to creating petal perfection.


Pinkie Promise are renowned for designs that are distinct, elegant and always eye-catching. Working closely with you to curate, design and execute your wedding day flowers, Pinkie Promise put their heart and soul into everything they touch.


Dayne, the creative force behind Pinkie Promise started her floral journey from a very young age, when as a tiny tot you could find her foraging in her grandparent’s garden. She would sneakily pick flowers she wasn’t supposed to touch, and this rebellious streak has seen her become the floral badass she is today!


Though in all seriousness, Dayne has a tonne of experience and she oozes talent, and therefore she’s received many awards for her stunning creations. Having been in the industry for over ten years, she is experienced in all aspects of floristry and Dayne works hard to always better herself creatively, pushing the boundaries always.


This nature-loving hippy has only one goal – to make everyday life, extraordinary and you can expect this from all her floral works of art.


Get in touch for a chat with this floral goddess and we can pinkie promise that all your floral dreams will come true.


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