Planet Cocoa

Your fabulous favour prayers have been answered with Planet Cocoa, who are in the business of creating artisan chocolates that are a total treat.


These chic chocolates are the perfect way to gift your guests and you know they will be completely satisfied. Whether it’s a chocolate block, bundle, or bite, each mouthful will be delectable and comes in an abundance of flavours and they can be made dietary friendly too (gluten, nut or dairy free and vegan!).


However, what we adore most about Planet Cocoa is that they focus on only using ethically sourced chocolate/cacao ingredients. They also believe that treating yourself shouldn’t cost us the earth, so they use eco-friendly packaging and they’re passionate about minimising waste, being plastic-free and having as low impact on the environment as possible.


Each chocolate will come wrapped in their eco-friendly packaging, that will perfectly suit any décor, and can be customised with your names. If you’re after a custom flavour, Planet Cocoa love experimenting!


Ethical, environmental, and highly addictive, Planet Cocoa are the perfect party favour made with love.


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