Poni Studio


Poni Studio was born in 2017 by creative, passionate, loud and bubbly Managing Director, Luci.


This vibrant and creative team offers styling and planning services for couples based on what they want and what they need. They were born for this process and make the experience one you will remember, in all the very best ways.


Whether you have some idea of where to start or no idea at all – Poni Studio have got you covered with their five curated packages ranging from: “A call for help”, “SOUND THE ALARM”, or all the way to “The Full Monty”. Best of all – these offerings are tailored to your needs as flexibility is always at the forefront of what they do. The guaranteed fun to be had along the way is an added bonus!


Each couple is different, and so too should the approach to planning their big day. Poni Studio’s on point organisation, love for run sheets and spreadsheets, industry knowledge and huge amount of personal experience – means that working with Poni Studio guarantees an amazing event is about to be brought to life.


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