When you enlist the talents of Yarra Valley-based Rick Liston, his artful, natural photos of you on your wedding day are only just the beginning. From the moment you meet, you’re also in the hands of a reliable, personable and ever efficient local tour guide.


Rick loves to meet with his couples, believing that you can love his photos, but that its equally as important to feel comfortable in his presence, allowing your true emotions to shine through on your special day. Over a beer, glass of wine or local gin, you can relax in Rick’s presence and understand his craft as he gets to know you and helps recommend the best places for photographs, hints and tips for your candid captures as well as his vast knowledge of local suppliers.


When your wedding day rolls around, you will be joined not by a photographer, but by a friend with a camera who wants nothing more than for you to be able to see for yourselves what your loved ones do.


By trusting Rick with your wedding photography you have invested in a person who will be with you every step of the way. He wants your images to transform your hearts and homes and will take the time to help you with ordering prints that will long be cherished and treasured by you.


Rick cannot imagine any other profession he would rather work in, shooting rad couples on the best day of their lives is what he adores and he will deliver heartfelt, laugh-filled, reliably awesome service each and every time.


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