Spray Aus

Spray Aus started in 2014, when health-conscious and business-minded best friends Emily McKay and Ellie Pearson saw the need for a self-tan that nourished the skin while giving it a healthy glow, sans sun. Combining natural and organic ingredients with a gentle DHA, the girls, alongside business partners Nadia Bartel and Bec Judd, created a luxurious and effortlessly sun-kissed looking steak-free bronze that turns heads for all the right reasons.


Spray Aus offers tanning products and services that make you feel and look beautifully confident 365 days a year. Their Home and Pro range include tanning products and tools that will give you the full Spray Aus experience both in and outside the studio, and they also offer mobile tanning along with luxurious in-studio tanning experiences across four Melbourne locations, specialising in bridal bronzes for brides and their parties.


This bespoke and personalised service expertly ensures everyone involved feels and looks confident, sexy and sunkissed on the special day.


Em and El have always believed that empowered people, empower people and that has formed the ethos behind everything they do at Spray Aus. Both know that nourishing the body from the inside out and outside in shouldn’t come at the cost of one’s health, which is why it was so important that they created products and services that helped boost the natural confidence and beauty that lies within any body.


Spray Aus has always promoted inclusivity and sees no boundaries or limitations when it comes to age, race, gender, body shape, skin tone or orientation, they offer personalised and unique bridal bronze services that help brides and their parties find their perfect shade for the special day – no exceptions.


Spray Aus is, and always will be, a female-founded and led Australian company that will continue to make their extended community and family their number one priority while listening to their changing needs and wants to ensure all Spray Aus products and services reflect and represent them wholly.


For golden, effortless confidence, look no further.


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