Valley & Peak

Think of Valley & Peak as a couple of extra mates at your wedding, who happen to have really nice cameras.


Steve, Selena and Kyle offer photography and videography all under one roof – but they aren’t just about the umbrella approach for convenience, they’re  both dedicated professionals who have nailed their craft and collected hundreds of happily married couples as a result along the way.


Valley & Peak love getting to be a part of someone’s story. Sure, they’re largely just in it for Grandpa’s gnarly dance moves come 9pm, but more than that – they take their work seriously and they produce gorgeous footage of what they realise is a collection of once-in-a-lifetime moments.


Making everybody feel at ease in front of the camera and beyond, Valley & Peak pride themselves on building relationships with couples and guests as they effortlessly fit into your wedding day plans – they capture it all with a sense of ease and a less-is-more approach.


Another big tick for this dynamic duo is their approach when it comes to packages – they are coverage-based, rather than time. They never want a couple stressed that they may be running behind schedule and miss key wedding day moments, they’ve got you covered from prep until formalities are done – this flexibility and sense of understanding goes a long way to understanding why Valley & Peak clients walk away thrilled with their experience.


It’s not just about any one moment, from the planning to the prep, the individual elements of your day unfolding and beyond, Valley & Peak are there for it all, showing you a damn good time along the way.

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