Getting to know Kim McClelland – Marriage Celebrant
Getting to know Kim McClelland - Marriage Celebrant - Ivory Tribe
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Getting to know Kim McClelland – Marriage Celebrant


Every wedding day should start with a bang, and that’s why it’s so crucial to choose an incredible celebrant that will leave your guests smiling from ear to ear before the party officially starts.

At Ivory Tribe we adore Kim McClelland and everything she is about and this is why it was about time we let you know more about this wonderful celebrant who is empowering couples to celebrate their day in their own unique way.

You clearly love your job Kim, how did becoming a celebrant come about for you?

After speaking at my best friend’s wedding, I wanted in! With a background in the performing arts and teaching, this was a natural transition to make.

I just love LOVE! Empowering couples to have the kind of ceremony they actually want is one of the best things. The process of shaping and telling each couple’s unique story for their family and friends, the amazing energy on the day, the raw emotions – I love all these aspects of being a celebrant. It’s such a privilege to stand by each couple’s side as they become husband and wife!

What does the day in the life of a marriage celebrant involve?

Lots of things! Cafe hopping to meet with couples, crafting a couple’s ceremony, driving to amazing wedding venue, blogging, chatting with couples over email or phone, endless obsessions on Instagram, dreaming up unique ideas of expressions to include in a ceremony…




What would you say is your ‘style’ is as a celebrant?

Relaxed, heart filled and connected. I make a huge effort to connect with my couple, their bridal party and the wedding guests so that everyone is drawn in to the ceremony and story. I love to smile, laugh and be real while at the same time create a sense of occasion and significance.

Tell us your favourite ceremony moment?

I am always so moved when I see a groom overcome with emotion when he sees his bride for the first time. It’s a beautiful moment!
When a couple book you, what’s the process in getting them from first meeting to the big day?

I’m available the whole way through the planning process for questions and guidance.

We get together for a meet up to chat about what they’d like for their ceremony and sign the pre-ceremony paperwork. It’s relaxed and fun – we usually meet up over drinks and chat for an hour or so. After that I’ll shape a bespoke ceremony for the couple. Feedback from the couple is always taken on board as I tweak the ceremony so it’s perfectly tailored.

On the day I’m at the venue early to set up the PA and paperwork. I meet the groom and his crew and am available to welcome guests as they start arriving. I am usually grinning from ear to ear and always happy to help out with last minute emergencies – can’t pin on a buttonhole? No worries, I got that covered! Don’t know where the toilet is? All good – chances are I’ve been there already – probably twice…! I also go out and meet the bride and her tribe to see how they are going, before they make their entrance.




For those brides and grooms that feel particularly nervous about the big day, what advice do you have for them to keep cool, calm and collected?

Enjoy the moment! This is the one time that you’re going have this experience, so try and be really present and soak it all in. Nerves are not a bad thing – they’re part of what makes us human. If you’re really crazy nervous, do whatever makes you happy and helps you to be in the moment – a morning jog, a surf in the ocean or a drink with your bestie before the ceremony can help with the morning jitters.

What are some things that a couple can do to set their ceremony apart?

Just be yourselves and do what feels natural for you. If you want to hold hands and steal kisses, then do! Have poem readings and live music, if that’s your thing. Have a huge a bridal party, or don’t have one at all. Do a love-letter time capsule during the ceremony if you want. Anything and everything goes – it’s your day so rock on! Your ceremony will be uniquely different from others if you follow your heart and stick to your values.

Your vendors also helps contribute to the way your day reflects you, so find vendors that are aligned with your values and you will be set for the party of your life.

Do you have any advice for couples on how to write their own vows?

Keep it real, honest and about the things that are most important to you when it comes to love, commitment and your future together.

How can couples include family and friend in their wedding day?

Ask your celebrant to include an ‘Asking of the friends & family” where everyone calls out “YES!” in response to call of support from the community.

Can you share any particular trends you are noticing in wedding ceremonies at the moment that couples can include in their day?

The bride and groom standing on a gorgeous floor rug for their ceremony!

Describe yourself using five words.

Fun, exuberant, happy, focussed, warm.




To add Kim to your wedding day lineup and create the ceremony of your dreams, touch base with her here.