At Ivory Tribe we are committed to maintaining the security of your private information.

Below we have set out further particulars about how we deal with our users information.

Your use of our website and our service is done so in recognition that you have read this Privacy Policy.



Ivory Tribe acts as a platform to assist our users in the planning and preparation of their dream wedding. We share a variety of vendors and products that are all accessible to you in one place, for your convenience. Ivory Tribe acts as the agent of these vendors and collates information about them, their services and their products for your use.



Because of the nature of our service, we collect personal information in a number of different ways. We may collect details about you when you use our website and we may collect details from our vendors about how you interact with their website.

When engaging with our website, we welcome you to sign up to our newsletter. In order to do this, all we require is your email address. Your email will then be added to our database and you will receive all the exciting Ivory Tribe updates. If, at any time, you decide you no longer wish to receive marketing materials and communications from us, you may contact us to unsubscribe from this service and we will no longer keep your email address on file.

We may also collect information about your visit to our vendor websites. This information is used purely analytically and is compiled by us in order to gauge and improve our functions and service to you. At no point will your personal or sensitive information be shared between our vendors and us. We will not be able to identify you based on the information received. We are simply interested in the services you like to use and the products you like to purchase. This will help us tailor our service to our users and give you more of what you want on Ivory Tribe.



Any information we collect about you will be stored safely and securely on our Ivory Tribe database. This database is only accessible to Ivory Tribe employees and the details contained in it may only be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.



We will never share personal or identifiable details about you with third parties. We do, however, like to create a personal and enjoyable experience for you at Ivory Tribe. We may use statistics gathered about your use of our website to ensure that we are providing you with vendors that appeal to you, and to guarantee that we are giving you the best service possible.



Users have the right to request access to, or modification of the personal information stored through Ivory Tribe. If you wish to view or alter information about you stored on our database, you may do so by contacting us directly.



We love sharing our inspirations with you through social media and we encourage all our followers to interact with us via these platforms. This Privacy Policy will at all times, govern any personal information that you choose to share or that is gathered through social media.



Ivory Tribe is all about sharing fabulous wedding vendors and products with you. Given the nature of our service, we house several third party links on our own website. When you engage with any of these third party websites, you submit to their service and agree to be governed by their Privacy Policy and practices. We do our best to provide vendors of the highest quality, however we do not police our vendors policies and procedures and we are not responsible or liable for the way they deal with your private information.



As well as your email address, we may obtain particular non-identifiable information about you during your time at Ivory Tribe. As stated above, this may include information about your visit to third party vendors. It may also include the use of ‘Cookies’ and ‘Google Analytics’ as outlined further below. Non-identifiable information will never be used in conjunction with any other information about you.



We may use cookies to temporarily record non-identifiable information about your visit to Ivory Tribe. This may include your location, IP address, device type and any referring websites. The information collected never includes identifiable or sensitive information. It may be used to remember your preferences in order to make your next visit easier for you or to help us get to know our user base better and improve our service.

You can choose to disable cookies on your computer or device at any time and this process will no longer occur.



We may use Google Analytics to help us analyze how you use our website. In this instance, cookies may record your IP address, which will be transmitted to Google’s databases. Google will analyze relevant information about your visit and compile it in order to assist us to learn more about our users. This then allows us to provide a better service to you. Google will never associate your IP address with any personal information about you. It is a completely anonymous process.

To learn more about the Terms & Conditions of Google Analytics you can visit http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html.

To learn more about Google’s Privacy and Data Security Policy you can visit http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html?rd=2.

Again, you may chose to disable cookies in order to refuse this process occurring.



This document comprises the whole of the Privacy Policy and Privacy Agreement between Ivory Tribe and our users. We will not request, store or deal with information about our users in any way that is inconsistent with this policy, unless we are required or authorised to do so by some provision of Australian Privacy Law.



Your privacy is a priority to us. We may, from time to make, need to make changes to our privacy practices to ensure they are of the highest standard and to make certain that they accurately reflect our evolving business activities and functions.

We therefore reserve the right to make changes to our privacy operations, without notice or consequence.

Any alterations to our privacy practices will be published in this Privacy Policy and will take immediate effect from their date of publication.

This Privacy Policy is current as of February 2015. For further information about Ivory Tribe’s privacy procedures, or if you feel we have breached our privacy obligations to you, please contact us directly

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