Frequently Asked Questions



1. Can my directory listing appear in multiple categories?
Yes! Should your product or service suit a number of directory categories (e.g. florals and styling), then we absolutely suggest you consider maximising your Ivory Tribe exposure. We have a multiple directory category fee for doing so, simply purchase as an add on with your subscription.

2. Can I update the images in my directory listing?
You know it! You’re welcome to update your listing gallery as often as you like (with correctly sized, high-quality pics), however, please note that these changes, once submitted, will see your listing set to draft until approved by an administrator. Allow 12 hours for approval to occur.

3. My business represents multiple brands, is there an option to show them all off?
Absolutely, though each individual business will require its own paperwork and listing. We can certainly accommodate several businesses/brands if they nest under a parent company, but when it comes to the back-end business, these will be treated as separate accounts.

4. How do I measure the success of my directory listing?
How long is a piece of string?! While our direct enquiry forms work really well for some vendors, we do also suggest some other handy tracking tools such as Google Analytics to find out where your audience is coming from. With every enquiry that comes your way, we also suggest simply asking the couple how and where they found out about your business and services.

5. Can I upgrade or downgrade my directory listing package whilst active?
All listings are set for a 12-month duration to ensure your exposure is maximised and your brand becomes recognisable. In saying that, we are flexible throughout this term and happy to discuss upgrades and add-ons (such as additional social media support or sponsored blog posts) throughout.

6. Can I purchase additional social media support or sponsored blog posts throughout the 12 months?
We’d love that. Singing your praises is what we do best. Ask for a copy of our media kit for the nitty gritty on what we offer.

7. There are some minor changes I’d like to make to my directory information, how do I do this?
Easy! Simply log in to your account and get cracking. Please note, to ensure accuracy and consistency across the site, these changes will also require admin approval. Allow 24 hours for approval to occur.

8. How do you decide which images you will use to advertise my business on social media?
Only the best for our Tribe! We have a special in-house process to find the best images to tell your story to our audience and curate our captions accordingly.

9. Can I have any input as to what is shared in my social mentions?
Of course! We’re a Tribe, not a dictatorship. Should you have any special offers, announcements or products that we can shout from the online rooftops about, please send them our way and we will do our best to accommodate them in our social planning.

10. How can I get the most out of my time with Ivory Tribe?
This partnership is a definite two-way street, friends! We recommend ensuring your own socials are up to date with engaging, high-quality content, so when we send our audience your way – they are suitably impressed! It’s also worth keeping in mind that reciprocal sharing of posts and shout outs will only further strengthen your online presence, it’s all about engagement! (pun totally intended).

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