Groom guide for wedding wear
Groom guide for wedding wear - Ivory Tribe
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Groom guide for wedding wear


Listen up gents – the ladies look hot to trot on their wedding day and so should you!

Don’t let your bridal babe upstage you and consider suiting up and accessorising like you never have before.

Now is the time to show off your personality and have fun with your wedding wear.

A Tribe of talent recently got together to capture a groom in his element. With more and more grooms focusing on their own look, this shoot shows off unique suits and accessories that will leave any groom feeling good about their attire and make for some memorable moments.



Men’s accessories: Peggy & Finn

Stylist: Steph Parsons 

Suit: Bellington Estate

Photography: Jake Hogan 

Hair and makeup: Momu Hair 

Flowers: Peony & Weasel Flower Co 

Signage: Sketch & Etch Creative 

Venue : Geelong Paper Mill

Gown: Boho Bridal