Styling with greenery – Olive Green Plant & Prop Hire

Styling with greenery – Olive Green Plant & Prop Hire


Adding living plants into weddings and events is becoming a much bigger trend, and for many great reasons.


Indoor and outdoor plants help to define areas and add vibrancy to every space, so whether you are wanting to creatively disguise an area or draw attention to an entry or aisle, plants are an excellent way of doing this whilst adding life and beautiful texture.


Our gurus of greenery, Olive Green Plant and Prop Hire, are the best in the biz when it comes to statement plants making their mark at any event. From installations, to ceremony spaces, favours for guests and so much more, we sat down with Katie and Katy to find out all about making green glam work for your wedding day.

Greenery can be such a vital component of styling – how can couples utilise your hire items for their next event?


As a plant styling business, we can bring along our gorgeous collection of pots and plants to any event. Our collection can then be used to help define areas in a beautiful way, or to add some vibrancy and life to a space. We love making people feel happy and healthy by using our plants and props.


Do you have some tips for maximising a budget when planning – (e.g.. using products throughout a ceremony then moving them to the reception?)


There are ways of maximising the use of plants and props to work within your budget.  Reusing plants from ceremony to reception is one great example and in our experiences, it’s not necessarily about the number of plants you have it is more about location and type of plant used. Of course, that’s where we come in, let us know your budget and space and we can run wild with ideas.



What trends or new styles are you seeing more of, and what can we expect in coming seasons? Which varieties work well both in terms of functionality and for aesthetic purposes?


We are seeing lots of Birds of Paradise used in our clusters which add height with their slender arms, paired with monstera and birds nest ferns. They really give fullness to spaces that can seem sparse and are helpful in highlighting an area.

Depending on your theming, ferns and palms add a tropical feel, large fiddle leaf figs add a luxurious touch and olive trees and magnolia trees add a classic sophistication to an event.

Current trends are definitely hanging installations using lush, long Ivy that can be draped through roof beams, as well as using large feature indoor trees to fill in the space and introducing the outdoors in.



Tell us about what Olive Green offer and how you bring an event to life.


We like to work closely with our couples to customise our packages to suit.

Our gorgeous event stylist Katy Bartlett loves nothing more in life than to help couples plan their special day! She likes to work closely with them by walking through the space, coming up with a concept and proposal and customising a package to suit. Katy also works alongside other stylists and planners involved in the event to make sure everything flows, so the end result is more than what the couple had even hoped for.


Centrepieces, favours, large-scale styling – do you offer all of this, and more? 


While we are not wedding stylists, we do work with all things living plants. So we can offer an abundance of options for a wedding day such as planted centrepieces for tables, hanging and living centrepieces and favours.
What is one hot tip you can offer couples planning their special day?

The best advice we were given and can give is to just relax and enjoy your day. Trust in the professionals you have hired to do their job so they can make your wedding everything and more than you hoped for.



Imagery by Tribe favourite Jake Hogan