Talking weddings with Duuet photography

Talking weddings with Duuet photography


Finding photographers that will make your wedding a breeze is essential for any bride and groom. The day is already hectic, so it’s important to have experienced photographers who will not only capture all the memorable moments, but also feel like they’re on your team.

DUUET are gurus when it comes to this. Their team are not only experts in their field, but they also focus on getting to know their clients, understanding their needs and then turning all the moments that unfold on the day into magic.

We sat down with DUUET Weddings to understand the photography process and learned some valuable hints and tips for a bride and groom.


Tell us more about DUUET, how did it all come about?

We started DUUET together back in 2011. We came together because of our love and passion for similar type of wedding style photography.


You work as a team of photographers, how does this concept work and how many in the team?

In our team at DUUET we have three photographers and two teams of videographers. Our concept is to provide our clients the most memorable, beautiful and surreal wedding photos on their special day. We believe wedding photos are about telling stories with emotions and memories that last a lifetime.


How would you best describe the DUUET photography style?

Our style of photography is rustic and romantic with feminine styling. Our aim is to capture the couple’s story on their special day with smiles, tears, laughter and joy and bring to life the moments they will forever cherish.



Do you recommend that brides and grooms come to you with ideas for their photography, or is it best to just let your talented team lead the way?

We would recommend brides and grooms to have a brief idea of the style of photography they are after. This will give our team a guidance of styling and location recommendations to capture the day. Meetings are set up with the couple a month prior to the wedding day, during the session we will brain storm ideas together, such as the theme of the wedding, location photoshoots and what the bride and groom would like the photography team to portray.

As long as the bride and groom are comfortable on the day we are sure to capture the correct vibe and moments.


Time is of the essence when it comes to a wedding, how do a couple best plan their day in leaving enough time for photography, so they’re not rushed?

This is always a challenge as couple’s need to include traveling time from varies locations. We always plan our schedule to allow more time that way the couple is not rushed during the photoshoot.

We highly recommend to the couple to allow one hour photoshoot with the groom and one and a half hours with the bride and bridal party prior to the ceremony. We will continue to capture the moments during the ceremony and after the ceremony to allow half an hour for family and friends. For location photoshoot this will depend on the location and style. Usually we work around one to two hours for location photo shoots.



Do you meet with your clients before the big day?

Pre-wedding consultation is a month prior to the wedding.

We send out a questionnaire to the clients when they book with DUUET, and this will be questions that we will discuss during our meeting.

The questionnaire provides us information on the style of wedding, activities to capture before the wedding begins, location of ceremony and reception and any requests from the bride and groom.



What are your top tips for couples that are feeling a little camera shy?

On your wedding day, you’ll be photographed more than ever before. These are our tips for couples;

Get to know your wedding photographer –  Spending time with your photographer and asking lots of questions, explain your feelings and how you prefer your picture to be taken.

Stay relaxed – Be relaxed and be yourself. We will chat and laugh with the couple and get the bridal party involved. This creates an environment where you feel comfortable.

Be honest – If you don’t feel comfortable holding certain poses or smiling then don’t force it. It is important to be upfront to the photographer about what you’re not comfortable with infront of the camera. The photographer can work around an action to ensure you are most comfortable and be natural infront of the camera.

Enjoy the moment – Enjoy the time you are spending together with your love ones weather you are taking photos with your family or friends. Laugh and make jokes, remember the loving and happy moments.



Should a couple select the locations they’d like to have their photos taken, or will the photographer assist in this?

This is all dependant on the couple. Depending on the style and theme of the wedding we can provide the couple with recommendation of locations. If the ceremony and reception were within the CBD we would recommend choosing locations to shoot around the city. If it is a regional wedding, we will focus our photoshoot with scenic backdrops.


Duuet seem to travel far and wide for wedding photography, what are some favourite destinations?

One of our favourite wedding destination is New Zealand. Reowned for its amazing views of lakes and mountains, Queenstown is a world famous wedding photoshoot destination. The amazing colour of Lake Tekapo  sets the perfect backdrop with the most beautiful natural side of New Zealand.


To enlist the talents of this creative team for your own wedding day celebrations, visit them here.