25 wedding tips from real couples
25 wedding tips from real couples
25 wedding tips from real couples
25 wedding tips from real couples

25 wedding tips from real couples

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Wedding planning sure can be overwhelming, and if you’re in the throes of it, you’re likely making many decisions and have countless questions.

We find that often the best tips when it comes to wedding planning and the day itself, comes from couples who have been there, done that.

With that in mind, we’re sharing 25 top tips from couples who have experienced wedding planning and the day itself, and hopefully these will guide you on your way.



1.Choose good suppliers.


“Good suppliers make your life a hell of a lot easier. Do your research, read reviews, and ask friends for suggestions. Our suppliers were all incredible; they made the planning easy, helped us with things we would have never thought of ourselves, made us comfortable and made the running of the day effortless.” – Sophie & Brad


2. Keep track of everything.


“We recommend forward planning and paying for things as you go – keeping track of everything in a spreadsheet and saving every little bit of inspiration into a folder. Also, hunt around for the best value for money on some items where you can, but find a way to make the really important things for the two of you work – the non-negotiable’s you decided in pre-planning, whether that is a vendor, style, dress or similar. It is a really special day in your life, and you don’t want to walk away wishing you had done something differently.” – Tom & Jemma


3. Get in early!


“Don’t leave it to the last minute to book your suppliers. A lot of talented photographers, celebrants, bands etc, might be booked out pretty far in advance, so get in there early so you don’t miss out!” – Chloe & Chade


4. Spreadsheets are your best friend.

“We had a spreadsheet that we would both edit and tick things off. This had vendors, their cost when payments were due and their contact information. It helped keep us both organised and on track with payments as the day drew closer.” – Liam & Sarah


5. Use marketplace.

“You can find so much on Marketplace! I met so many great people from buying some items on MP, and I also managed to pick things up at a fraction of the price, such as glassware, wishing wells etc.” – Genevieve & Jacob


Photo: Chloe May


6. Zoom your suppliers before locking them in.

“We never realised that most vendors set up Zoom meetings with you before you can book them so that you are happy they are the right fit. Totally understandable because you want to be spending the day with people you get along with and understand your vision, we just never realised.” – Lucy & Sam


7. Ensure your day reflects who you are.

“Make sure your day reflects who you both are, don’t be afraid to go against the norm. You may upset a few uncles, aunties and grandparents, but when the day arrives, everyone will wear a smile from ear to ear.” – Nikola & Timothy


8. Stop negative talk.

“Anytime anyone ask in the lead-up, “oh wow, are you stressed, that’s getting close?” Even if you are slightly stressed, make sure to always say, “no, we’re not; we are just excited”. It stopped any negative talk that people like to say and made us feel a lot more relaxed.” – Ellie & Jim


9. Don’t try to do it all.

“Choose to concentrate on a couple of things that are meaningful to you as a couple. Is it live music? Is it a particular location? Is it being able to include your kids or dog? Is it great food? Don’t try to do it all.” – Brianna & Lee


10. Consider cohesive suppliers.

“Some vendors, in particular, photographers and celebrants have a list of trusted suppliers – please stick to this list. You will have a cohesive experience if everyone knows each other! And have fun!” – Lisa & Rory


Photo: Motta Weddings


11. Put thought into your seating plan.

“Think about your seating plan. We had lots of random friends from various parts of our lives so instead of just clumping people together we really thought about who had shared interests, and who would get along with who. This made for some awesome dinner chats, new friendships forming, and we heard about some very funny stories after the event. It was really worth putting lots of time and effort into getting this right as it set the tone for the entire evening.” – Hannah & Ross


12. If it feel stressful, ditch it!

“Our motto was “if it feels stressful, ditch it”. That worked for us, and also helped us manage costs and not get too carried away.” Jade & Mike


13. Carve out special time for the two of you.

“Make sure you make some time for just you and your husband on the day. Blair and I sat down in the cottage after our photographs, just the two of us. It was special to enjoy a little time together to just chill and take it all in.” – Therese & Blair


14. Stick to the budget.

“Agree and set a realistic budget upfront and keep referring back to it. Use a spreadsheet or budget template to track your actual costs and keep on top of payments. Our budget spreadsheet was our bible, and it really helped us to make trade-off decisions and keep our spending on track – it’s so easy to get carried away!” – Nicole & Anthony


15. Invest in a coordinator.

“Get a coordinator for the day – no matter what type of wedding you are having it is crucial to have coordination that is working with you and unaffiliated to the venue, other vendors etc, even if you can only afford a few hours to help run the day, it’s so worth it.” – Cherish & Matt


Photo: Katie Harmsworth


16. Communicate your vision.

“Communicate your vision clearly to your suppliers (I created a lot of mood boards) but allow some wiggle room for them to flex their creativity.” – Sarah & Frederick


17. Have a wet weather plan.

“Do not check the weather; it will constantly change, so just ensure you have a wet weather plan!” – Kirsty & Michael


18. Make a conscious decision to spend the day together.

“If I could give one piece of advice to other couples heading into their big day, it would be to make a conscious decision to spend the day together. It’s easy to become separated when catching up with all your guests, but where you can, try to come back together. As everyone says, the day goes so quickly, and you don’t want to feel like you hardly saw your partner at your wedding.”  – Alena & Adam


19. Things will go wrong, and that’s okay.

“Things will go wrong on the day, be it the weather, your stationery not arriving, or some other small issue. Laugh about it, and remember it will make for a great story that you will always remember.” – Amelia and Joshua


20. Work as a team.

“Working as a team and taking the time to listen to each other’s ideas for the big day makes a world of difference. Delegate, delegate and delegate!” – Hannah & Tyler


Photo: Elsa Campbell


21. Get ready together.

“Get ready together! It meant so many hours of memories and connection before we even stepped down the aisle. This was key in the day feeling long and not rushed too – would recommend!” – Tori & Josh


22. Don’t leave DIY to the last minute.

“If it’s a DIY wedding, there is no such thing as planning and organising too far in advance. If you think something will take a certain amount of time, add 50% to that timeline, and it’s probably a lot more realistic.” – Cameron & Rebecca


23. Know that plans will change.

“Don’t have a set plan of each minute of the day – let it flow and rely on a great venue and celebrant/MC to coordinate timings so that you can enjoy drinks and chats with friends. Know that plans will change throughout the day, so don’t stress – it will happen, so just accept it and party!” – Tom & Simon 


24. A first look guarantees more time with guests.

“If we had our time again, the only thing we would change would be to do a first look photo session, purely to have more time with our guests.”  – Lauren & Mitch


25. Just enjoy it!

“My biggest piece of advice is not to feel overwhelmed by all the planning, take one step at a time, and it will all fall into place. Most of all, enjoy every minute of it. It’s the most exciting and beautiful day of your life.” – Courtney & Richard


If you’re looking for a team of talented suppliers who will make your wedding planning experience and the day itself a breeze, be sure to check out our wedding directory. From celebrants, to venues, hair and makeup artists and videographers, these wedding vendors are highly recommended and endorsed by us. 


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