5 top tips for the newly engaged
5 top tips for the newly engaged

5 top tips for the newly engaged

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So, you’re engaged! Congratulations, we hope you’re loving those post engagement vibes. While you might be feeling excitement, sometimes there’s a little sense of overwhelm too.

If you’re wondering what on earth you should do after you’ve decided to make it all official, we’re here to help.

We’ve compiled five top tips for the newly engaged that we hope will help you on your way.

For an extra helping hand, we wrote a book! If you haven’t already check out Wedding Plans by Ivory Tribe, it will make your planning a breeze.



Take your time and celebrate the moment.

Becoming engaged is such a beautiful moment and deserves to be celebrated and enjoyed. It’s a time in your life you won’t get back, so be sure to enjoy that ‘we just got engaged’ high for as long as possible. While no doubt you might start talking about your impending wedding celebration, don’t feel a need to rush into any big decisions right away. Share the news with your family and friends and revel in all the just-engaged glory – you deserve it!


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Have the big conversations before you’re in too deep.

It’s important as a couple that you have some key conversation before planning too far into the process. What is it that you both want out of the day? What are the key components that are not negotiable (is it photography, food and drinks, entertainment or fabulous florals?) It’s really important that both of you are on the same page before looking at budgets, deciding on your wedding style and locking in suppliers. Creating a list of these priorities will help navigate the decision making to follow.


Decide what planning tools you will use.

Are you the wedding planning book type? Wedding planning books are a great way to keep your wedding plans to hand at all times. They also become a wonderful keepsake of your wedding planning journey. Luckily, we can help in that department with our wedding planning book Wedding Plans

Then again, you might be more of the spreadsheet aficionado and love having something you can update continually. Or perhaps you like using a combination of both? Whatever you decide it’s good to ensure your planning tools are functional and practical.



Think about your wedding timeline

Probably the easiest way to start the wedding planning process is to discuss when you think you will set the date. While there’s no need to determine an actual date, it’s good to open up some conversation as to how long away and when you might like your celebration to be. Are you the kind of couple who don’t want to wait any longer than 12-18 months post engagement? Are you set on a summer wedding or hoping for some winter magic? Do you have key events in your calendar or life that that might impede on you getting married at that time? Considering the time of year, seasonal events, specific floral or food availability, accomodation requirements or simply the accessibility of your preferred suppliers, will help to ensure you’re not left feeling disappointed.


Get inspired.

Now you’ve had the big conversations about what kind of celebration you would both like, it’s time to get inspired. In this day and age there’s a wealth of #weddinginspo out there and while it can feel overwhelming at times, it’s a good way to save all those ideas that take your fancy. Set up a shared Pinterest board, create a wedding folder in your Instagram to save images that resonate with you, and of course check out all the real weddings we share. Have fun with it, get an understanding of what appeals to you and then the big decisions can come! Oftentimes you’ll also find yourself drawn to particular suppliers and their style offering – take note! The professionals are professionals for a reason, and can guide or suggest their own ways to put a spin on your celebration.


If you want to learn more about our wedding planning book Wedding Plans and how it helps couples plan their day together, head here


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