Advice to plan your wedding with Precious Celebrations
Advice to plan your wedding with Precious Celebrations
Advice to plan your wedding with Precious Celebrations
Advice to plan your wedding with Precious Celebrations

Advice to plan your wedding with Precious Celebrations

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As an experienced and vibrant celebrant and event MC, Precious, of Precious Celebrations, knows a thing or two about weddings and what goes into creating and executing your dream day. We simply had to share Precious’ advice for those of you new to the wedding scene and wondering where to start – some simple tips for getting things underway and leaving behind the overwhelm.

Newly engaged? Here are some tips to help you through the planning.


Book your big ticket vendors now.

The majority of engagements happen between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and this is also the time that most people start planning their wedding. Getting married in 2023? That seemed a lot further away before Christmas in 2022! This is the time of year that vendors start booking up so if you want your first pick of your favourites now is a great time to get your enquiries out. Photographers, videographers and celebrants can only be in one place at a time, so get them locked down fast.


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Choose your date last.

This comes down to whether you want a specific date or not. If you want to get married on your anniversary, or maybe your parents wedding anniversary then this won’t be as relevant. But if you just know that you want to get married in Spring, then choose your date after you’ve sought out the availability of your favourite venue and vendors.


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It’s about the vibe of it

Different designs and styles work better in different spaces, so it’s only natural that your venue will help determine the vibe of your day. Once you’ve got your venue, you’ll know what outfits will work, what flowers you might need and how to style the space. Some venues might come already pre styled, with only tweaks needed, others – like warehouses – are a blank slate which means more work to create what you want. Which leads me to my next point…


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DIY doesn’t equal easier.

Yes, a DIY wedding can be a lot more personalised and meaningful, but it’s also a LOT of work. 80 guests? That’s 80 of each place card, menu and name card that you have to make. DIY flower bouquets? Most florists get up at 3-4am to get to the flower markets the day of an event, or have a fridge big enough to keep them fresh until your big day. The morning of your wedding you’re going to be busy enough without adding this to your schedule, so pick and choose wisely on what you want to take on.


Photo: Leah Cruikshank


Wet weather option

Australia currently going through unprecedented extreme weather conditions. Having a thought-out wet weather option is a must for 2023 and 2024.


Photo: Amanda Alessi


Look to others for inspiration

Speak with your vendors, look through Ivory Tribe, talk with your friends. Pull inspiration from everywhere – Net-a-Porter, Vestiare, Matches Fashion are all great places to find fashion inspo. Architectural Digest, The Design Files and Vogue Homes will all give you some unique views on styling. Keep your eyes open and don’t limit where you look to for advice.


Precious is an incredible celebrant and any couple seeking a celebrant who will craft a ceremony with care, fun and wow-factor need her on their wedding day dream team. Get to know Precious and send your enquiry here

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