Ask an expert: dance floor dynamics with DJ Callum Gracie
Ask an expert: dance floor dynamics with DJ Callum Gracie
Ask an expert: dance floor dynamics with DJ Callum Gracie
Ask an expert: dance floor dynamics with DJ Callum Gracie

Ask an expert: dance floor dynamics with DJ Callum Gracie

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Undoubtedly, the soundtrack to any celebration can make or break the vibe. With weddings, atmosphere is even more crucial in making those incredible memories and creating an experience everyone will re-remember, re-live and re-tell for decades to come. So you want to ensure you have someone who understands how to craft the perfect soundtrack to get your happy tears flowing and dance floor thumping.

Enter: DJ Callum Gracie. With over a decade of experience as a professional musician and DJ, Callum has carved out a niche in the Australian wedding scene as a distinct and innovative figure, particularly in Canberra & Sydney.

His approach to DJing, especially his incorporation of live saxophone into his sets, has redefined what couples can expect from their wedding entertainment. We chatted with Callum to explore his uniquely appealing style and warm, super-engaging approach.


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Memorable moments.

For Callum, it’s the little unexpected moments throughout the night that have poignant power. On one occasion, Callum performed the beautiful Whitney Houston song I Will Always Love You on saxophone as a roaming feature over dinner. The bride, moved to tears, later shared that her grandma used to sing this song to her as a child. It’s the emotions and the personal connection that make wedding soundtracks both so powerful and so important, and for Callum, understanding that is key to his success.


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Sharing the love.

Callum says: “For me, the joy of bringing everyone together on the dance floor through music is the most incredible feeling. Being able to provide a service that allows all ages to get up, come together and celebrate love on the dance floor certainly gives me a thrill. This is what makes me love what I do as a wedding DJ.”


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Live sax – a vibe.

Adding live roaming saxophone to the DJ performance takes the dance floor’s energy to a whole new level. The live element of the saxophone allows for showmanship, engagement with guests and, of course, something different that everyone on the dance floor can appreciate and enjoy.

“The best part for me is that it allows me to get away from behind the decks and have some fun with the guests on the dance floor, singing along and dancing to their favourite songs”, Callum recounts.

However, it’s important to be mindful of when the sax comes out throughout the night and when to just focus on mixing great songs. While the saxophone is an amazing element to a DJ Sax performance, it should be used to enhance the performance, not overpower it with lots of overplaying, which takes away from the song.

The songs Callum performs sax to have mostly been pre-learned, and over the years, he has built up an extensive song list of songs the sax can blend nicely over. The biggest challenge is towards the end of the night when you are playing predominately Rock or Singalongs – It can be tricky to whip out the sax over the top of these.

Of course, there are still some epic sax solos performed over these sections (i.e. The Time Of Our Lives, Simply The Best, Proud Mary, etc.).

This is where a seasoned professional like Callum truly comes into his element, understanding that subtle balance.


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Dance floor dynamics.

For Callum, it’s important not to overthink the mixing process. When it’s time to hit the dance floor and get the party started, he follows a simple structure that works every time:

  • Start with a good blend of old and new classics everyone knows and enjoys.
  • Move into the nostalgic classics that make everyone think, “OMG, I love this song.”
  • Hit em’ with the rock classics.
  • End the final stretch with everyone’s favourite singalong songs (i.e. Don’t Stop Believing, Horses, You’re The Voice, etc) to see out the night!


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Words of wisdom.

Callum advises couples to secure a DJ Sax specialist, not a DJ + Saxophonist. Otherwise, you run the risk of the saxophone player being an add-on and not knowing what to do or how to behave. This may result in a lack of fluidity and imbalance between the music and the live component, which isn’t so fun to listen to or dance to.


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Book now, get dancing!

For a DJ who embodies the essence of modern wedding entertainment, Sydney DJ Callum Gracie is your go-to.

From poignant saxophone solos to expertly curated playlists, Callum crafts dynamic and unforgettable experiences for couples and their guests. His insights and experiences offer invaluable guidance for those seeking to elevate their wedding entertainment. With a unique blend of skill, passion, and charisma, DJ Callum Gracie is a must-consider for couples looking to create epic moments on their dream day.


Reach out now to book DJ Callum Gracie, the ultimate roaming sax DJ.


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